Floridian plans on setting up a visit to ISU

It wasn't an off week for much of the ISU coaching staff, including secondary coach Chris Ash, much of his week was spent in Florida on recruiting business.

One of the stops for Ash this week was a meeting with St. Petersburg High School defensive back Steve Berthelot.


Earlier this week Berthelot said he planned to meet with Ash to talk to him and set up a visit to Iowa State.


The senior has been playing safety, but he said many colleges are recruiting him as an athlete.


"Last year I played running back and safety," Berthelot said. "They put me in to get long yards, but I was in there for the short yardage plays. I was also in for the 30 yards gains, and 60 yard gains we got. I was receiving too."


Berthelot said there isn't one position he likes better than the others.


"I really don't have a favorite, I like playing football," he said.


Among the colleges vying for Berthelot are Iowa State, Purdue, UCF, FAM U, SMF, Kansas, and Kansas State.


The 6-foot, 184 pounder has never been to Iowa, but is planning on making a trip up north soon.


He said he wants to major in business, so that will factor into his college decision.


"I want to go to a college that has a good business program," Berthelot said. "Also a good campus that has good people there and diversity. I like diversity."


Berthelot would like to stay in Florida, but he realizes there are some pretty good opportunities out of state.


"I would like to stay in Florida, but I'll take it how I get it," he said. "My family's here in Florida; I love them and would love to be near them, but if I have to go, I have to go."


Berthelot does have a tie to Iowa State, last year he played against current ISU freshman Jason Harris. Harris played at Clearwater High School last year which Berthelot's team beat.


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