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Wesley Day Advertising was founded in 1949 by Central Iowa Advertising pioneer Wesley Day. The firm is located just east of Valley West Mall, at 1441 29th Street, West Des Moines. Dave Sanderson has been the President/CEO since 1986.

First of all I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your business.

The name of the business is Wesley Day Advertising, and the first thing you should know is that we don't have a "wear your team colors day" the Friday before the Iowa State/Hawkeye football game, because I don't want any of our non-professional staff disgracing the business by wearing Hawkeye gear. (That said, we serve several Hawkeye-loving clients very well, and consider it something of a public service to have their money to end up in our hands rather than "who knows where.")  

We are a full service advertising agency. Which means we  not only do advertising, per se, but we also get involved in the whole range of marketing communications efforts that helps support sales (literature, Web sites, promotions, and a host of other things) We deal with a wide range of products, services, and industries. But we have additional, specialized expertise in "considered purchase" -- things you think about before you buy (e.g., autos, insurance, forklifts, etc., as opposed to chewing gum and lottery tickets). 

How long has it been in business?

We were founded in 1949 by
Central Iowa advertising pioneer by the name of Wesley Day.

Who is the owner and what is your role in the business?

I have been President/CEO since 1986. I am also an adjunct faculty member of Simpson College, teaching advertising and communications courses.

Where is the business located?

We are just east of Valley West Mall, at 1441 29th Street, West Des Moines.


How many employees do you have?

Ten locally, plus a small Wisconsin subsidiary.

What are some of things your business is most proud of?

We are very proud of our client-retention record, which is better than three times the industry average.  We are about substance, not bluster (big surprise from an Iowa Stater, right?). We sponsor the premier advertising scholarship in Central Iowa, presented by the Advertising Professionals of Des Moines.


How long have you been associated with Iowa State athletics?

I have been a fan since youth.  More committed for the past 20-some years.

What are some of your favorite
Iowa State moments?

There are so many. But it's hard to beat the run we had in MBB that ended with the infamous double-foul "at" Michigan State. Most of my favorite football moments involve beating teams with cocky fans. Marv Seiler over Nebraska. Barney Cotton over Nebraska last year. And what self-respecting Iowa State fan doesn't enjoy watching Iowa fans -- many of whom STILL don't believe we've ever beat them  --emptying Kinnick during the second half a few years ago or streaming out of our stadium fourth quarter this year?   


Also is there anything else you can think of and would like us to mention?

Even with the outstanding attendance figures at our women's games, I think our women's basketball is the best-kept secret in Ames. I believe Bill Fennelly is easily one of the top two coaches in any sport, any school, in the state of Iowa. The games are a whole different experience, very accessible to fans and kid-friendly. Yet the athletes are some of the toughest, most competitive, and nicest human beings you would ever want to meet. Just what you would expect from a BF-run program.



CN encourages all Cyclone fans to do business with Cyclone Businesses of the Day. You can contact Dave Sanderson at 1441 29th Street, West Des Moines. You can reach him by phone at 515-224-9330.

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