Christy Johnson on Jamie Pollard

ISU volleyball coach Christy Johnson talks about incoming athletics director Jamie Pollard. The two both spent time at Wisconsin prior to coming to Iowa State.

You just came from Wisconsin.


Johnson: I came here in January but worked with Jamie, not right next to him but had certainly a lot of interaction with him over the last several years.



What are you impressions of him, is it a good match?


Johnson: I think it's a great fit. I was thrilled when I saw him come in this morning. As you know the process is pretty confidential so we really didn't know anything until he was announced and I was thrilled when I saw him walk in.


I think he's a great person and he's wonderful and just as a leader I think he did a great job at Wisconsin. Everyone that I always worked with him there and my personal feelings were he had a ton of potential and was going to be a great AD some day.



Do you think he'll be good for Iowa State?


Johnson: Absolutely, people as they get to know him, they'll find out what a good guy he is. He's a caring guy, he's a family person and he understands what college athletics is like and what it takes to win and be successful. He's going to bring some great things to our programs.



What's it like having another Wisconsin connection here?


Johnson: I love having fellow ex-Badgers here. I think Wisconsin is a good place to come from. They have a lot of success there and national exposure and it's about big time athletics there and it's about big time athletics here too. So he's been in that environment and that will help him tremendously.

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