Get to know Ellen Pollard

After the press conference CN had a chance to catch up with Jamie Pollard's wife, Ellen. Here's what she had to say on the big announcement.

On moving to Ames


Ellen Pollard: We haven't moved yet, we may stay back a little bit and let Jamie get settled in his job. We have to worry about the logistics of housing here and there. We have a very good situation in Madison. We've been very happy there, but we feel that we're moving to an even better situation. So we're excited.


Will it be tough to pull the kids out?


Ellen Pollard: I will work to try to do my best and make it a smooth of a transition as possible. Kids are resilient and they will be happy. They will be excited for their dad. We're in this together; we're a team and I just feel like everything will work out. I just told Jamie there's a lot of anxiety any time you do relocate especially with children. But this is the right place, we're supposed to be here and things will work out.


How old are your children?


Ellen Pollard: Thomas is 8, Annie is 7, Maggie is 5 and James is 3.


What do you think of Ames so far?


Ellen Pollard: So far, the people have been incredibly friendly and open and we are excited to be here. I'm not sure the timing of our psychical move. Jamie will be starting working pretty soon, but I can't tell you how nice the people have been.


Tell me about your Labor Day visit.


Ellen Pollard: We just drove around, tried to get a lay of the land as best we could and just felt very comfortable. We liked what we saw from the beginning.

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