Blythe made the most of his day off last Saturday

Last Saturday ISU wide receiver Todd Blythe got a chance to do what everybody else was doing – WATCH college football.

"I spent the whole day just laying around on the couch watching football," Blythe said. "It was nice for a change."


Iowa State's opponent for this weekend, Army played Baylor on ESPN Classic, but Blythe said he only got to watch the highlights of that game. Otherwise there wasn't one match-up in particular that caught his interest.


"I was flipping in and out of all the games," Blythe said. "Just enjoying and sitting around watching football like a fan."


Blythe did manage to catch the crazy ending to the Pittsburgh-Nebraska game, where the Cornhuskers came away victorious after blocking Pitt's second field goal attempt in the closing seconds.


"That was a smart play by the kicker," Blythe said. "I didn't know what was going on; it surprised me…that was a heads up play by him."     


Next Saturday Iowa State and Nebraska will meet on the grid iron; Nebraska has an extra week to prepare for the Cyclones with its bye week landing this weekend.


"They're going to come out and it's not like the Huskers of old, they're going to come out throwing the ball and their defense is still aggressive," Blythe said.


After watching numerous games on Saturday, where does Blythe size up Iowa State's place in the Big 12?


"Hopefully near the top of the Big 12," Blythe said. "Oklahoma's lost a few games but obviously you still know what kind of team they have. They're full of talented players and great athletes. I think the Big 12 is just as strong as ever."


This weekend there's a chance Blythe could have a repeat of last Saturday afternoon, as Iowa State plays Army on Friday night.


ISU head coach Dan McCarney said that he'll have to find something to keep his players occupied with during the day on Friday, he joked he doesn't want them watching ‘Days Of Our Lives.'


Blythe said the team will have meetings all day Friday to prepare for the Black Knights.


"They'll keep us busy and keep us focused on football," he said. "One thing it will be different having a night game and not being able to go back to your room and watch football.


"It's going to be a great experience for us; I'm real fired up get out there and play."

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