Pre-Army Q&A: Nick Leaders

Senior nose guard Nick Leaders spoke with reporters following ISU head coach Dan McCarney's Tuesday press conference. The senior has eight tackles, two sacks and one blocked kick in Iowa State's first two games.

On playing at Army

Leaders: I think if we want to be the team we want too be we've got to be focused and have good leadership. This is our first road game so it's definitely going to be a challenge for us and we have a lot of veterans, a lot of experience; we've been on the road a lot.

On Army's running back, Carlton Jones…

Leaders: He's a very good player, he's not big, he's not physically imposing but he hits the hole hard and he's going to find ways to get his yards.

On how beneficial the off-week was for Iowa State

Leaders: It was a nice break after a win like [Iowa]; you get a chance to kind of soak it in so you're not overlooking the next game.

On a chance of the Cyclones going into the game over-confident…

Leaders: I don't think so, that first game of the year really opened our eyes, we went in there a little overconfident and it showed on the field - we made some mistakes. The past couple of weeks we've just buckled down and focused on Army.

We got an extra week to prepare for Army so we're going to be ready to go; it's not like we have a short week.

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