CN Spotlight

CN staff writer Mark Hersom thinks these players will make an impact when Iowa State and Army hit the field Friday night.

ISU's Nick Leaders and Brent Curvey vs. Army's offensive line

Army's starting quarterback Zac Dahman was sacked only 10 times last year and so far this year he had gone down six times. Look for ISU's defensive line to control this game and set the tempo early.


ISU's DB LaMarcus Hicks vs. Army's WR Jeremy Trimble

LaMarcus shut down Iowa's Ed Hinkel and will most likely get the assignment on the 6-foot, 190 pound sophomore for Army who leads the team with nine catches for 128 yards and one touchdown.


ISU's SS Nik Moser vs. Army's QB Zac Dahman

Dahman has already thrown four interceptions and for his career has thrown 39 compared to 27 touchdowns. With the assumed pressured that the front line will create, look for Army to try and heave the deep ball making opportunities for Moser.

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