Army post-game quotes

A physical and tough Army team came to play and gave the Cyclones a scare win West Point Friday night. Read what Army head coach Bobby Ross and players had to say after the game.

Army Head Coach Bobby Ross
"I was very proud at the way our team played. They played very hard. They played very physically. They played very tough. We just had a total collapse in the kicking game. That's what it really amounted to. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong ... the blocked punt; poor kickoff coverage; a mishandled snap. That was the breakdown. It was as simple as that. Each time we'd get the momentum, we'd turn right around and give it right back to them on the kickoff return.

"But I was very proud of our football team. Offensively and defensively, they played very, very hard. We played very physically. Our tackling was good. I couldn't be more pleased with the way we played. That's the way we have to play. We have to play that way all the time.

"The biggest thing that I was pleased about was that in the running game, we got better on both sides of the ball. We did a pretty good job to hold them to 71 yards of rushing offense. We came away with 132 (yards rushing) and that's a very good sign for us."

(Ref.: the mindset of Army's players in the locker room after the game)
"They're very down, but fortunately we have an extra day to recover. They're very down, but these kids are resilient. I don't worry about them coming back. This is the third week in a row that I thought we played pretty hard. I couldn't be more pleased with that. We haven't been perfect, but we've played hard and our intensity level has been pretty good in each ballgame."

(Ref.: play of Army RB Carlton Jones)
"He did a heck of a job. I see where we ran him 34 times. I worry about that a little bit. His top backup, Seth Gulsby, has missed two ball games in a row due to a `stinger' and that hasn't helped us at all. I'm hoping we'll get him back next week and we won't have to ask (
Carlton) to take the load so much. But, boy, he played hard and did a good job. Overall, he did a good job of blocking, he caught the ball well. It was a very, very complete ball game for him."

(Ref.: going for touchdown on 4th-and-1)
"I just felt like at that point we had momentum, and we've got to make that one. It's what I talk to the players about all the time ... I had to give them that chance. I didn't even flinch on that one, I mean we're going to go for it. Scott Wesley really stuck it up in there good, I'll tell you that. He really did a good job. I thought our line came off the ball very well."

(Ref.: play of Army's offensive line)
"I thought our line improved quite a bit tonight. That's very positive for us offensively; to see them step up and do the job they did, that's a positive thing for us and progress for us. Four of the five offensive linemen are first-time starters. To see them progress as they have is very pleasing."

Army RB Carlton Jones
"This it very disappointing. We were moving the ball (late) but just couldn't convert."

(Ref.: bouncing back from a tough loss)
"We get in and watch the film. We learn how we need to do things right. We have another game next week and that's our focus right now."

Army DB Caleb Campbell
(Ref.: the improved play of Army's defense against
Iowa State)
"We were pretty much tired of offenses coming in and racking up 700 yards on us. As a team, we came together. We realized that when we practice hard, we play hard, and when we do that, we will come together and play well."

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