Iowa State post-game quotes

Read what ISU head coach Dan McCarney and players DeAndre Jackson and Bret Meyer had to say in Iowa State's hard-fought 28-21 win over Army.

Iowa State Head Coach Dan McCarney
(Ref.: opening statement)
"The difference in the game was our special teams. We made a lot of big special teams plays and that led to the victory. We had two big kickoff returns and the punt block. There were several shifts in momentum in the second half. Our defense made some plays when they had to. We played an inspired Army team tonight. We knew it would be tough to come out of here with a win and I'm proud of my team."

(Ref.: starting the season 3-0)
"There are no easy games anymore. We are happy that we got through the non-conference portion of the schedule 3-0. There are a number of undefeated teams in the Big 12 now and we had to keep pace with them."

(Ref.: Iowa State's sluggish first half performance)
"I don't think it would be fair to not give Army the credit they are due. (Army) is a well-coached and inspired football team. They had a good game plan on offense. We got cut a lot in the first half and that hurt our ability to pursue the ball. We didn't execute well enough, either. It is inexcusable for our offense to turn the ball over three times. The turnovers really hurt some of our drives. It was a tipped ball here or there, but we can't afford to turn it over three times."

(Ref.: Army's effort throughout the game)
"Army came out with a good game plan tonight. They were ready to play. They are a well-coached football team. They have a coach in Bobby Ross who is a future Hall of Famer. He's been to the Super Bowl and the National Championship. You don't get there by being `okay.' He's a good coach. I think Army did a much better job of playing than we did in the first half."

(Ref.: the talent on Army's defensive line)
"I don't see the size difference that everyone is talking about. I see four guys out there that could play in the Big 12. (Cameron Craig) could play for any program in our conference. He could play for
Texas or Oklahoma; he is that good. They have good players here (at Army), and they are being coached by a great coach who is also an excellent motivator."

(Ref.: the play of the Iowa State special teams)
"The special teams were huge for us. I believe that is the third straight game that we have won the special teams battle. It just goes to show that special teams have a very big impact on the game. DeAndre Jackson's returns really sparked us in the second half. He was able to set our offense up with good field position, which was especially important, considering the struggles we were having moving the ball on Army's defense."

Iowa State DB DeAndre Jackson
(Ref.: his two long kickoff returns)
"I know that my guys are going to be accountable. I depend on them to make their blocks and lock in on their keys, and they depend on me to make good plays. I saw the open holes and hit them hard.

(Ref.: starting out 3-0 before heading into Big 12 play)
"It just gives us more motivation and confidence going into the (Big 12) season 3-0. But the one thing we can't do is go into
Nebraska's house (next Saturday) and play a first half like we did tonight. We'll go in, watch film and correct our mistakes, and when we get out there just hit it hard and play hard for four quarters."

(Ref.: sluggish first half by the Cyclones)
"We missed too many assignments. A lot of guys missed tackles and we were not reading our keys. (Army) got us on some screens and some draw plays. We just came out sloppy. We came in at halftime, readjusted and got ready to get focused. It was our first away game. We had a few distractions. We had to lock all of that our (of our heads), come out and focus.

"This is a big lesson. Coming into this game, our coaches told us it was going to be a war. Army is a very good team that plays hard every snap. This is a lesson for us that we have to go into the Big 12 and play harder."

Iowa State QB Bret Meyer
(Ref.: Army defense)
"They did what we thought they would do, but they put some pressure on me. I made some bad throws. There were some tipped balls and I threw into some bad spots. They were in the spots they needed to be and played sound defense, and that's how you get interceptions."

(Ref: excitement of being 3-0)
"That's where every team in
America wants to be. A lot of teams would trade (with) us for their records. We are 3-0. A win is a win, especially on the road against a good team like this. We are going into Big 12 play looking to improve on what we have."

(Ref.: the play of Iowa State's defense and special teams)
"That's what they do. When one of the units doesn't do their job, you have to pick them up. We had some good kickoff returns with DeAndre (Jackson). We had a punt block. That was huge. Our defense got that sack at the end (of the game). It's a team sport, and the whole team won this game tonight."

(Ref.: potential that the team's one-week layoff led to its sluggish first-half play)
"We are not going to make excuses. We've played football our whole lives. An extra week off is not going to affect anything."



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