Pre-Nebraska Q&A DeAndre Jackson

After two huge kickoff returns against Army, ISU cornerback DeAndre Jackson looks ahead to the Nebraska game.

On his kick-off returns against Army


Just going into it I knew we needed to make a big play and I knew the guys up front were going to be accountable for each other, that's how we look at it on special teams. Just being on the field period, we're just looking to be accountable for one another. They made some big plays, some good blocks like Austin Flynn and my lead blocker made some good blocks. I just had to make a play off that, I couldn't let him down; he didn't let me down.



On Nebraska's offense….


They're bigger and stronger and faster than last year from watching them on TV. They're going to be all right. We can't underestimate their offense. They're going to come out with a bang, they're playing at home. They got a lot of hype coming into this game so we just got to prepare ourselves the best way we can.



On Zac Taylor


He's a real good guy, a pretty good kid from what I've seen. We're just going to come into practice and focus on him like we did every team. Try to work hard and make some plays.



On stopping the run…


As a defense we look at it as like we've got to get better everyday, we can't get satisfied. Ross is a very good running back, we saw that second half last year. He came out running very well. He's a very good player, he works hard and you can tell that on the field. We just got to work to get better every day on defense.



On his responsibilities on Ross…


Just like every game when the opportunity comes, make the play.


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