Three keys to an ISU victory

CN staff writer Mark Hersom believes these three things are crucial to Iowa State's first victory in Lincoln since 1977.

Make it a four quarter game. Please, please do not be down 21-0 at the end of the first quarter. We have been there, done that and it stinks. The Cyclones need to start fast, much like last years game and get out to a two possession lead if they could. That is done by keeping control of the ball and forcing turnovers. Did anyone else feel that Coleman fumbled the ball on that carry before he caught the TD pass? 


We got to remember that this Nebraska team is young in experience much like the Cyclones. I do not believe that they have been trailing in the second half in any of their three homes games this year and to put the pressure on this years Nebraska offense will be crucial. If they are trailing heading into the 4th quarter and the offense is sputtering, does anyone else believe that boos might be heard across the plains? Let's hope they will.



Establish a running game. The offensive line needs to establish some run blocking against one of the toughest defensives in the Big 12. Let's hope that this will not look like two years ago with the QB flat on his back the entire game. Greg Coleman and Ryan Kock are running hard getting tough yards but we need drives to last longer and more positive yards on first down to set up those third and shorts for Coleman and Kock to achieve. If Stevie will be limited, we need the offensive line to make up for last week against Army. Let's not settle for field goal attempts inside the 10 yard line and get into the end zone.



Timely blitzes. Nebraska will try and get the short passes going early with down & outs and slants to move the chains. The linebackers will need to fill the lanes and disrupt the passes over the middle with a mix of blitzing to keep the young quarterbacks for Nebraska second guessing themselves; they have thrown interceptions this year.  

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