CN Spotlight

CN staff writer Mark Hersom thinks these players will make an impact when Iowa State and Nebraska hit the field Saturday afternoon.

QB Bret Meyer vs. himself- Bret will be taking on a Nebraska defense that will be very hungry to get to Meyer after what he did last year against the vaunted "Blackshirts". Bret needs to play under composure and look over his options to make sure he is not forcing the play. We can't rely on a face mask penalty to bail out the Clones this Saturday, (even though that should have been a fifteen yarder, no worse than Dobbins call.) Bret needs to improve on his scrambling as it seems he is tentative when to tuck it away and start running like he did against Miami(Oh) in the bowl game last year. With a banged up Hicks, Meyer will be pressured to gain positive yards when a play breaks down.


WR Austin Flynn vs. CB Tierre Green- most likely Todd Blythe will be doubled and chucked at the line of scrimmage leaving Austin in single coverage and wouldn't it be great to have Flynn be the offensive star of the game since he spent most of the time two years ago on his back. He has shown in the early going this season that he is someone you can count on and make good decisions on the field. Let's hope we use him as a weapon and maybe we might see a reverse pass play with him to Blythe down field.


FB Ryan Kock vs. DL Le Kevin Smith and DL Titus Adams- Can Kock continue to churn out the short yardage when needed? I feel that he has become a weapon and is very dependable when counted on. We will need to get one or two yards on 4th down deep in Nebraska territory to go for a touchdown instead of attempting a field goal. Let's hope that Kock gets an opportunity to keep his three game scoring streak alive.


In addition, it will be very key to have great special team play with DeAndre Jackson showing he can take a kickoff back and Ryan Baum being solid at handling the ball on punt returns. Eliminate the block in the backs and utilize the field position to the Cyclones advantage and get in the end zone. Nebraska has killed ISU in the past in this category while at Memorial Stadium and I do not want to see it in person again this year as I did two years ago.

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