'Home' has been a house of horrors for Nebraskans

For six ISU players Saturday will be a homecoming as the Cyclones travel to Nebraska to play the 3-0 Cornhuskers.

Stevie Hicks, Nick Leaders, Jon Davis, Caleb Berg, Brandon Gunn and Brandon Johnson all call Nebraska home.


"It's a big game for me and I'm not from Nebraska," said sophomore Todd Blythe. "I can't even imagine how big it is for them.


"Nebraska is about all they've got in Nebraska; they don't have a pro-team or any other real big D-I schools. This is going to be a huge game for them and with Nick Leaders being a senior it'd be a great time to send him off with a win."


Davis, a junior wide out, has played a couple times prior in Memorial Stadium; he said it will be good just to see some familiarity.


"I know a lot of people that went to that school and a lot of friends and family are going to be able to see that game, but I don't put that much on importance on it and lose focus," Davis said.


The Nebraska home crowd hasn't been friendly for the Cyclones. Iowa State has won just six times in 53 tries against Nebraska in Lincoln and in recent years.


Nebraska has won the past 13 match-ups against the Cyclones in Lincoln, and has scored at least 28 points in each of those 13 games. The Huskers have had a victory margin of at least 28 points in the last 13 match-ups with Iowa State in Lincoln, including a 28-0 shutout of Iowa State in 2003.


It gets worse.


Since a 24-21 Iowa State win at Memorial Stadium in 1977, the Huskers have outscored ISU 639-135 in 13 match-ups in Lincoln, an average score of 49.2-10.4. Iowa State has not scored more than 14 points in Lincoln since 1989.


Davis said Iowa State can't let history try to detour what they're trying to accomplish in the present.


"We try to approach every game the same, just as another opponent," he said. "It's a big game for the week. We don't try to look at teams as just being that great that we can't go in and get the job done."


If in fact this is the year the Cyclones get the job done in Lincoln, Davis and his native Nebraskans want to make sure their family and friends are there to witness it.


Davis is still trying to scrounge up a few more tickets. Iowa State players are allotted four, Davis needed around 10.


"I think I'm short maybe three or four," Davis said. "I'm trying to find some of the guys to trade with."


Davis said Nebraska didn't recruit him very hard out of Papillion High School.


"I think they wanted me to walk-on, but I really didn't want to do that as a wide receiver."


Early in his career the trips home back to Nebraska during the year weren't amusing, but this summer Davis got the last laugh after Iowa State's 34-27 victory over the Huskers.


"When we were losing they did give me a lot of stuff, but this last time they didn't say stuff," Davis said. "I didn't try to rub it, they just didn't bring it up. So I left it at that; they knew."

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