Meet the newest additon to the CN staff

Chris Williams is the newest member of the CN staff, serving as recruiting coordinator.

When did you become a Cyclone fan?

Honestly I became a Cyclone fan when I came to school here two years ago.


I hope I don't get any hate mail but I used to be a Hawk fan when I was younger. I've now grown up and realized that I was brainwashed as a child but I'm a diehard Clone now and I'd never go back to the dark side that's for sure.

What are some of your favorite ISU memories?


Williams: There are a lot of them. I really think Seneca's run would have to be on that list. I watched that game on TV and remember just being absolutely amazed.


My favorite basketball memory was Rahshon Clark's sick dunk against Virginia last year.


My favorite live football memory would have to atmosphere at this years Iowa game. Jack Trice was absolutely electric before, during and after the game.

Why are you excited about this job?


Williams: This is a dream job for me. A lot of people tell me a lot of times to get a life and I've lost numerous girlfriends due to my love of sports. Ok not love, make that an obsession. It really is a dream job getting to talk to these kids who are the future stars of tomorrow.


What's your writing background?


Williams: I began my writing career when I wrote a story about Cyclone linebacker and my best friend Adam Carper. From then I went on and have written for the Iowa State Daily for the past two years.


I've been spending my summer announcing at local race tracks and have been on the Mediacom TV show "The Midwest Speed Zone" which features dirt track racing in the state of Iowa.

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