Dan McCarney Big 12 Teleconference

ISU head coach Dan McCarney spoke with media across the nation on Monday mornings Big 12 teleconference.

We were part of an outstanding college football game in Lincoln. We're very disappointed we weren't able to win the game. I just thought it was a tremendous effort by both teams in a great college football environment and unfortunately we came up short.


Bill Callahan and their staff and their team played motivated and did a great job of improving over the first three games of the season. They made the plays in the end of the game to win that football game.


I don't know if I could ask for more effort from my football team. We got to play smarter and make a few more plays when we get the opportunity, but I thought the effort was tremendous by both football teams.


We're looking forward to being back home. It will be four weeks since our last home game, seems like a couple of months. It's been a long time since we've been home, but we're looking forward to coming back and playing a tremendous Baylor football team.


Guy Morriss and his staff is doing as good of a job as anybody in the Big 12 Conference coaching and I think everybody's aware of that. Going into another great college football environment down at Texas A&M and played tremendous football. You see the score, you read about and it probably wasn't indicative as how well they played until you start watching the tape as we did last night. Baylor is a tremendous football team and we're going to have a major challenge here.


Both teams are coming off hard fought overtime losses on the road, but I think there's a lot of character in both programs and it should make for an outstanding game this Saturday.  


On both teams having similar loses…


I think that's exactly right, there's no doubt about it. Both Baylor and Iowa State, two tremendous efforts against really fine football teams and had good chances, good opportunities, came so close, in one overtime and two overtimes were the lengths of the games. Both of these teams put themselves in a position to get great road victories and came up a little bit short.


There's a lot of character in both programs, both teams are 3-1 and a lot of positives. This is an experienced Baylor team coming in, there's not many rookies out there. A lot of these guys we played against last year down there in Waco and it went to the last series of the game last year and we were very fortunate to come away with the victory. We know it's going to be an extremely tough football game again this week.



On if Iowa State took a moral victory out of Lincoln


No, we didn't. I addressed it right away in the locker room after the game and its just not something you read in a coaching book or something you hear from some famous hall of fame coach, it's just something that comes from the gut and from the heart.

We went over to win a football game and came up short. We did lots and lots of real positive things, but the only reason we got on that bus was to win a football game and we're very disappointed we didn't.



On the possibility of the Big 12 going to a nine game conference schedule…


At this stage it's a good question, I just haven't put in much thought. I like the schedule we've had, I like the way we're doing right now, it's what we're used too; maybe I can be talked into the other one. I like playing the schedule we have now and really enjoy playing Iowa and keeping that series going.


I got a lot on my plate getting ready for Baylor his week.



On Nebraska's 55 pass attempts…


There were some things that we spent a lot of time working on last week whether it was formation or a lot of things they had done in their first three games. They didn't do at all against us and of course that's time away from things that you'd like to work on, but that's part of coaching.


Bill and his staff are smart coaches, good coaches, they had extra time and preparation for us and they did what they needed to do to win the football game. They executed very well and their offense did an excellent job of taking care of the ball. They only had one turnover and we have 11 in four games, we sure didn't get what we've been getting and credit Nebraska for doing a great job of taking care of the football.



On how complicated the West Coast Offense is…


Obviously you only have so much time to prepare and a lot of things that I had mentioned that we had put our time into preparing they didn't do in the game and we put a lot of time in the rush game. Obviously knowing they were going to throw it but we put a lot of time into it and it wasn't like they deserted it. They just found other ways to get the ball to Cory Ross; he's one of the real premier players in the Big 12 conference.


And credit them and the job we did and some of the mistakes we made, especially with some of our mental things, but it was actually less complex on Saturday than what it had been when we broke it down in preparation for that game.



On his concerns in the running the game…


We're going in to the possibility of going into our fifth game of the season with our third tailback and that's how it's been, that's the hand we've been dealt, injuries happen in this game. We just want balance and we don't want to just go out and rely on Bret Meyer's arm and our receivers arms and legs to go make plays and score points, but we're going to keep working on it and try to improve whether Stevie Hicks or Jason Scales are available or not.



On whether Scales will be available against Baylor...            


I just don't know. I don't try to avoid the questions. He was running, he was sprinting last night at practice, whether he's ready or not the doctors evaluate daily and then they finally say here's the green light, go try to help Iowa State win games.



On college football being on television all the time….


It's a good question, it's a fair question. Who ever thought growing up that fans could go home on a Tuesday night and watch college football. But we want the game played on Saturday as obviously that's our hopes that we can do that.


We went and played on a Friday night at Army for various reasons, it's great for exposure, it's great for budgets, exposure for recruiting and your program. But it seems a little strange when you can go five or six nights in a week and watch college football on television.



On changes to the routine for Army…


We came off an open week just prior to that and it's just getting your schedule set and then the mindset that a Tuesday is really a Wednesday and a Wednesday's a Thursday and Friday's a Saturday - that type of thing.



On his decision to go with Bret last season, how important the non-conference games were…


Very important, plus we hadn't made the decision that he was definitely our guy. We definitely made the decision he was going to start the game and we were actually splitting time with he and Austin Flynn, who has done a real nice job for us at wide receiver since moving.


You'd like to gone and said ‘you're the guy, period end of story,' but performance didn't dictate that or consistency didn't dictate that. It was a work for us in progress to make that decision, for us to even make the decision that he was going to be our No. 1 one guy. We thought he did going into the Colorado game and there wasn't any pregame substitution or rotation that we had set in earlier games of last year.


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