Notes from the McCarney press conference

ISU head coach Dan McCarney met with the media Tuesday morning to discuss the Cyclones upcoming game with Baylor. Here are some notes from the mornings press conference.

It's been 28 days since the Cyclones last home game, the Sept. 10th 23-3 win over Iowa.


MVPs from the Nebraska game


Offensive – Bret Meyer

Defensive – Tim Dobbins

Special Teams – nobody, for the first time in four games Iowa State lost the special teams battle.


The special teams captain for Baylor will be LaMarcus Hicks.


The overall health of the team is good except for Stevie Hicks and Jason Scales. Both players are day-to-day. Scales will be doing individual drills Tuesday night and will see how his knee feels and responds.


McCarney said that Guy Morriss has done a great job at Baylor. He has a good system in place, good players and is ranked in the top 30 nationally in every defensive category.


A lot of Morriss' success comes from the strong base of Texas recruits that are on the squad, McCarney said Texas has so much talent Morriss never has to leave the state to recruit.


The loss on Saturday to Nebraska could be comparable emotionally to the one against Missouri last season. The only difference is McCarney and staff had over a month to prepare for the bowl game afterwards. McCarney said they need to bring the team back and he has faith they will bounce back. He said the Big 12 race is on and everything Iowa State wanted before the season began is still available.


McCarney said he can relate to the Baylor football program because both programs have had to overcome perceptions.


What does McCarney see as the biggest difference between last year's Baylor squad and this one?


-         8 starters are back on defense

-         They blitzed Texas A&M on half of the snaps last weekend

-         They are playing aggressive and fast

-         The Bears haven't had many turnovers

-         They have an outstanding punter in Daniel Sepulveda


With Hicks and Scales' status in question McCarney said Meyer will not be asked to run more. He said they always have Meyer ready to run, but ‘it can't be the bowl game every week going against Big 12 defenses.'


Right now junior tailback Stevie Hicks is ‘disappointed, frustrated and wants to play,' but McCarney said they can't put him out there until he's ready to go.


The ISU coaching staff would like to play more 2's but McCarney said it comes down to trust. There's one 2 the coaches have a lot of trust in and that's No. 15 Alvin Bowen.


Austin Flynn continues to impress the head coach, McCarney said based on last spring it's the quickest adjustment from quarterback to wide receiver he could imagine.


Former Cyclone Darren Davis called McCarney last week looking for some help. Davis is helping coach at a high school in Florida and wanted to show some of his highlight tapes to his players. His brother Troy recently turned 30 and is playing in the Canadian Football League. "I think about him every day," said McCarney referring to the legacy Troy left at Iowa State.


When asked what he thought of the pink locker room controversy in Iowa City, McCarney said ‘I'm not going there,' with a laugh.

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