CN's Business Professional of the Day

He's been in the shoes of both Bret Meyer and Austin Flynn, find out what former Cyclone quarterback Waye Terry is doing these days in our Wednesday Business Professional of the Day.

First of all I am a car salesman at Kia of Des Moines which is located at 4515 Merle Hay Rd, better known as the Merle Hay Auto Mile. Our store is in between Charles Gabus Ford, and Toyota


I would definitely say I work for the customer in helping them choose the right car for them and getting them the best deal possible, I like to refer myself to the customer as an agent. I have been working at Kia since Jan 5th of 2005. 


My thoughts on this years football season, I am very proud of the guys.  They have not laid down for anyone and haven't let mistakes take a domino effect in big games.  I hate to single any player out because everyone has done a great job this year, but I think I have to be the most happiest for Austin Flynn. With me being an ex-qb i know how much pride we take in our duty of being the leader of the team.  It takes a lot unselfishness to step out of the spotlight and play another position and not only that he has become a huge asset to the offense. 


As far as watching the games I try to catch as much as possible with the games being on Saturdays, which happens to be the car business busiest day. I really only get to catch spurts.  I always sneak out though and catch as much as i can. 

If you come into Kia with some kind of Cyclone gear on I will give you a free oil change with a purchase of new car.


The thing I like most about my job is the flexibility, I'm never sitting in a office all day.  I'm constantly talking to people, which I love to do, and I get to see people happy as ever driving off in their new cars.  I think one of the most rewarding things in my job is I know I have done my job right when people are coming in to see me from people who have bought cars from me in the past it lets me know I have done my job correctly. 


For you future customers the best way to deal with me is call me on my direct line 515-974-7942 or email  Please call before you come in it makes things a lot easier on the both of us, I stay pretty busy.  I promise I will get you the Cyclone discount. 


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