Bears Begin Iowa State Prep

The 3-1 Baylor football team began preparations for Saturday's Big 12 Conference game at Iowa State with a two-hour half-pad workout on the grass practice fields at Floyd Casey Stadium. Quotes from Baylor coach Guy Morriss, offensive coordinator Brent Pease and defensive coordinator Bill Bradley during Tuesday's media luncheon follow below. (Courtesy Baylor Media Relations)

Head Coach Guy Morriss

On Texas A&M:

"I think our kids are very resilient. We talked to them Sunday about getting it out of their systems.  We've got to correct some things from the Texas A&M game. We asked them to honestly look in the mirror and be honest with your assessment of what you did well and let's get corrected what you did poorly. We are over the Texas A&M game, definitely. I just don't dwell on it. You can talk about all the different possibilities; but, we just didn't get it done. That is the bottom line. We are going to fix the problems and move on. You have to force yourself to be that way."

"Some of the things that were happening in the red zone were happening all over the field. But it gets magnified because you are so close to the end zone. We have got to tighten up and execute better down there. We are just missing too many scoring opportunities. It's plagued us for four games now. We've got to do a better job down there.

On Iowa State:

"Their defense was very similar to Texas A&M, a good, active front four. They have pretty good linebackers and we have to contain them. I think they struggle a little bit up front; but, they play hard. Of course, they are playing at home which we have to overcome and travel well."

"Our guys realize now that they can line up and play against the big boys. I think they feel good about it."

"I think everything that was a problem is all correctable. We have the play makers and we have enough talent to beat anybody in this league. We've got to play at a fast pace, and our energy level has to be high. I don't think we have to play a perfect game. But, we have to do a better job of executing and taking advantage of opportunities that come along. If they want to donate us a fumble, we turn around and donate it right back. We cannot do those kinds of things, from a mental stand point. We have to eliminate those. But, it's all fixable."

Offensive Coordinator Brent Pease

On Texas A&M:

"When we went back and looked at it, overall we moved the ball well; but, when it really got down to it, capitalizing in the red zone is really what hurt us. It's really not what anybody's doing to us; it's just our fumbled snapped, not converting on a fourth down play, getting beat on match-ups, an errant throw here and there and some missed signals. Our kids still battled. We had good production; but, when it gets to that point, we have to break through and score points. That's the battle we are fighting right now and that's the emphasis we have to put on ourselves in practice and the next few games in the Big 12 Conference. We have to get better and that's our focus."

On Will Blaylock's injury:

"It's not the end of the world for us. Glen [Oskin] came in and did a good job. But Will, up to this point, has been a pretty stabilizing point in the middle. He's a good run blocker, a great communicator and understands the protections. He occupies a lot of space in there, and in running game, we pulled the center because he's very athletic. So we'll have to find out where we are without him. Glen (Oskin) came in and did a good job. He wasn't a liability in the game. That's not what prevented up from doing things to score or move the ball."

On Iowa State:

"Defensively, the thing that stands out most is that they are great pass rushers. Maybe they've just got their guys geared up go to the ball. Jason Berryman, he's a force that we have to control. He can cause some havoc and change the tempo of the game to put it in their favor by getting to the quarterback and making plays. They have both their safeties back. But they are big kids and their speed is adequate. They are pretty good defenders in one-on-one situations. They've changed a little in how they played us last year, playing zone coverage. We are anticipating both, man-to-man and zone. We're going to have to get a good feel on how they are going to attack us."

"They're not flashy. They've got good athletes that play hard. They redirect well and have experience. They are going to play to the ball and they play a lot of reps. They don't substitute a lot of people. Their front four are the guys that we can't let control the game."

Defensive Coordinator Bill Bradley

On Texas A&M:

"I really don't have much to say about the Texas A&M game because everybody saw what happened. We're trying to ask our defensive players to get ready and focused on Iowa State; that's the team we have to rebound on. We have to play a good, hard-nosed football game to get into the win column in the Big 12. We have to get our game plan ready for the Cyclones. We have got to get our players to move and get ready to win the next game. This is the most important game right now; that one's history. We'll see where we go from here."

"About the only thing I can say about Texas A&M is that they have a world of talent over there. Defensively, against their offense, we made them look very average. And I'm very proud of our players on defense for doing that. They executed our game plan to perfection; but, at the end of the game, Texas A&M made some plays to win the game. But it wasn't anything that they did; it was more mistakes that we made.  And that's what hurt. If we can correct those mistakes, we are going to be better."

On the Texas A&M game plan:

"Our plan hasn't changed from week to week, game to game. Our players executed it and that's why it looked good. I didn't do anything. Our assistant coaches work everyday; they are the ones who make that game plan work. That's what we have to do again this week for Iowa State. Make no mistake, they did it and the players executed. And now we have to move on to the Cyclones.

On Iowa State:

"They're not a senior team; they are a young football team. They started the season off last year at 2-4 and came here in the seventh week of the season to beat us here in the last minutes. We have to get ready for this game. They are an extremely good offensive football team. They're not flashy; they don't do anything fancy. They're a 50-50 football team. They run the ball and pass the ball well. You have to prepare against these guys in all phases. The one chink in their armor offensively, I think they lead the Big 12 in sacks given up. [Bret] Meyer has thrown five touchdowns and five picks. So we have to get good execution going and shut these guys down."

"The game is going to be relatively evenly matched in all categories. But it's a pretty close game from their offense to our defense. And they are on the same road that we're on. We're going to have to play extremely well on defense to win this game, and we plan to."

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