Pre-Baylor Scott Stephenson Q&A

ISU Center Scott Stephenson talks about last weeks heartbreak and Nebraska and the Cyclones running game.

How do you forget about Saturday and focus on Baylor?


I don't think we can really forget about what happened. A double-overtime loss is tough, especially against Nebraska; we needed to come out of there with a win. [We] just keep looking forward and we have a new completely different team to focus on, they're coming off a tough loss as well.



Is it easier with a veteran team to get over the loss?


Yeah I think so, especially with Coach Mac, what he's been telling us every week and especially after this past game. It's important not to go on this emotional roller coaster because of this game. It's important to focus on the task at hand which is Baylor and that's basically all we should focus on.



Can this team win a Big 12 North Championship being last in the conference in rushing?


Yeah I think so. Greg Coleman he's the third string back with Scales and Hicks going down, but you can tell he's getting a lot more comfortable running the ball.


You can just see on film he's getting a lot better, he's getting more confidence hitting the hole and his speed and awareness has gotten a lot better.



Is it a running back problem or an o-line problem?


I don't know if you can blame it on any unit on the field. I'm not really sure what the problem is but whatever it is we need to fix it.


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