Pre-Baylor DeAndre Jackson Q&A

ISU cornerback DeAndre Jackson talks about the fumble that got away at Nebraska and the rise of the Baylor football program.



What are the emotions of this team?


We can't look back; we've got to take steps ahead. We're coming off a tough loss like that, we played hard, we played tough and we were physical. We just didn't execute the calls good enough. We just didn't make the plays that we were supposed to make and we didn't take advantage of the opportunities.



How many times have you replayed that fumble at Nebraska?


After the game it hit me when I got on the bus, I couldn't go to sleep. It was a long ride home I was so sick to my stomach. After watching it and replaying it in my mind I think I got excited I was rushing and I tried to do [what I thought was] the smartest thing, I thought [it] was to get on it before it went out of bounds.



What's been the difference in the special teams play the last couple of games?


The difference was executing our plays, executing our blocks. Me reading our blocks and hitting the hole right. I was kind of hesitant hitting the holes, I didn't hit them hard like I did at Army.



For far is it from your hometown to Waco?


Hour and a half.



Ever have any thoughts of going to Baylor?


No, I didn't have any. They recruited me but I didn't want to stay in Texas. I wanted to get out of Texas and I'm here and I'm blessed to be here.



What's the difference between Baylor now and Baylor then?


A lot, they're hungry, they have a lot of talent. They're not going to lay down to anybody. You saw last year they took us to four quarters and they beat A&M. They came back this year and almost beat A&M in their house in overtime.



Is this what they weren't five years ago?


They're a lot better than they were five years ago talent wise.



What was their reputation when you were growing up?


Baylor didn't have a lot of respect, but they're starting to get a lot of respect and they're an up and coming program.



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