Pre-Baylor Steve Paris Q&A

ISU free safety Steve 'Greedy' Paris looks ahead to Baylor.

Talk about Baylor's improving reputation.


I know Baylor's got really good football players. Obviously being from Texas I know some of them, I played them in high school, some of the linebackers and cornerbacks.



Did they recruit you out of high school?


No, they weren't recruiting me but one of their coaches came to my high school and talked to me.



Do they have better coaching or better players now?


I think probably the players might be better, they're bigger and faster than the last time we played them in Ames.



Was the secondary taken off-guard last weekend, did you except Nebraska to throw that much?


We didn't think they'd throw the ball as much as they did, but it was working so they kept throwing it. They hurt us on the underneath routes and a couple deep balls.



Do you think Baylor will try to do some of the same things?


By watching the tape of us and Nebraska they'll try to do the same things Nebraska did against us, but we've just got to be focused and mentally ready to play all four quarters.

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