Three keys to an ISU victory

CN staff writer Mark Hersom believes these three things are crucial to Iowa State getting back on the winning track.

Ok has anyone else lost that empty feeling in their stomach? I haven't yet and I don't know why I keep watching the Nebraska game over and over. To see the ball rolling free and DeAndre Jackson in position to scoop it up and go the distant or that Greg Coleman was open in the middle on the last play or if Todd Blythe catches the ball on the first play…these few moments are killing me but I hope this team can shrug it off and achieve and attainable goal. Oh well, the Cornhuskers feel they got the North title wrapped up without even playing on the road yet. Next week for them is Baylor. Who would think that Baylor could make or break either of these teams?


Anybody please, please cover & stop Cory Ross…..err I mean Paul Mosley. This years team somehow has allowed a single player, mostly the running back to be a huge factor. I have been disappointed in the run defense this year as there have been too many BIG run plays happening; even the opposing quarterbacks have longer runs than anyone on our team. This is a crucial game for the Cyclones and the defense needs to stuff that line of scrimmage, period. Mosley will get 125 yards but let's hope that is all late in the game when it already has been decided.


Creating the "BANG" play.  The Clones need to have that big impact play that turns the tide. Nebraska had it with Ross's amazing screen pass/run. We need something that either creates instant points or sets up an easy score like a long kickoff or punt return. The crowd is down a little after last week and they might need a swift kick in the butt to get jump started. Oh how I long for the days of seeing the "Eel" James McMillion. Ryan Baum has not cost us anything, this Saturday he will cash in with a great return.


Bret Meyer's ability to see the field.  I believe Bret is a good quarterback but last week, Zac Taylor clearly was able to see the field much better than Meyer. Meyer has the ability to take over a game and this ability to "see the field" just doesn't mean finding the open receiver but also to know when to tuck & run. From what I've seen this year it seems that he has been hesitant when to run with the ball. Looking back at the end of last year he ran with more determination. Maybe the "fear" of getting injured runs through his mind.


Heck we really don't know if Terrance Highsmith can come in right away but I know he is athletic enough to not be that much of a drop off. Meyer needs to not just go to receiver #1 & #2 and keep his eyes on these two. A great quarterback knows where his safety value is and also knows when to take a sack and when to get rid of the ball out of bounds.


Don't get me wrong in my confidence in Bret Meyer. For being a sophomore, he is talented but I really haven't seen progress. The Cyclones rely on the deep ball to keep the defense honest. Nebraska last week just wanted to move the chains and it paid off for them. Maybe we need to simplify things to move the chains and the long ball will come.


I don't know about the rest of you, but I truly love the call on the first play in overtime when Austin Flynn threw off the reverse. RJ Sumrall has taken great steps to becoming an outstanding receiver. Meyer has the talent out there to set all sorts of records; the Clones just need to find each other. 

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