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CN staff writer Mark Hersom thinks these players will make an impact when Iowa State and Baylor hit the field Saturday afternoon.

RB Greg Coleman (ISU) vs. RB Paul Mosley(Baylor)-


Coleman has shown that he can be reliable in this offense, now the question is can he carry this team and get over 100 yards and free up the deep passes that Meyer seems to not have enough time to throw.


Coleman is improving on his blocking and that is what he knows is his weakest part of the game. However, I saw him open many times coming out of the backfield and Meyer just simply did not look his way.


Paul Mosley is a good back and will gain close to 100 yards against the Clones. The important thing is to make sure most of those yards are late in the game when it has been decided. If he runs like Albert Young from Iowa or Carlton Jones at Army, watch out this will be another down to the wire game. The defense needs to respect this runner as he has power and is capable to take over a game.


DB LaMarcus Hicks(ISU) vs WR Dominique Zeigler(Baylor)-

DB DeAndre Jackson(ISU) vs WR Trent Shelton(Baylor)


LaMarcus and DeAndre could not make the big turnover play against Nebraska that would lead to instant points. They need to step it up big vs this tandem of juniors at 6-foot-3 & 6-foot-2 wide outs for the Bears.


Zeigler is like a Jon Davis which he can fool you in the underneath routes and then bust one long. He is a possession receiver and very dependable. Shelton is the leading receiver for the Bears coming in and is a true weapon at 12.6yds/catch.


The Cyclone defenders need to create turnovers and put pressure on these receivers at the line to alter their routes and show the coaching staff that they can chuck a receiver at the line and still run stride for stride with them down the field.


ISU defensive line vs Baylor's QB Shawn Bell-


The Cyclone front four need to put more pressure on the quarterback than they did last week. Forcing Shawn Bell out of the pocket may be a little scarier as he is a better runner than Zac Taylor so the pressure needs to come quick and fast on the sides forcing him to step up in the middle.


We all know that Berryman is being held on every play and that the referees simply have him as a marked man. That aside, he is one of the quickest pass rushers ISU has had and the rest of the D-line needs to step it up to allow Berryman one-on-one matchups if more pressure comes in the middle. ISU did get to Taylor last week but still didn't pin the opponent deep inside their own 10. Momentum carries a long way when you're looking for your first conference win

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