Thursday's Business Professional of the Day

Kerry Bettis is an Independent Contractor with Primerica. His office is located at 2961 100th Street Urbandale, Ia. 50322

First of all could you tell us a little bit about your business?  I am a Regional Vice President with Primerica, a Division of Citigroup.

How long has it been in business?  Primerica has been in business since 1977.  I have been with the company since 1999.  I was able to start part-time because I was a Hy-Vee Bakery Manager.  I transitioned to full-time in Nov of 2000 and became a Regional Vice President in 2003.

Who is the owner and what is your role in the business?
  I am an Independent Contractor.  Primerica gives us ownership in our business.  I am the business of helping educate families financially and opening up additional Branch Locations.

Where is the business located?
Our home office is located in Duluth, Georgia.  My office is 2961 100th Street Urbandale, Ia. 50322

How many employees do you have?  I have 2 employees on staff.  The rest of my agency are all independent contractors.

What services do you offer?
  We offer mortgages, debt elimination, term insurance, investments, long-term care insurance, and legal services.  I am also a recruiter for those interested in opening other locations.

What are some of the things your business is most proud of?
  We are most proud of giving middle class folks a chance to get educated about finances.  Most places people get their advice from gets them confused.  We keep it simple and show them a strategy to eliminate debt which can, in turn, allow them to invest more money and get financially free.

How long have you been associated with
Iowa State athletics?  Since the mid- 80's with he likes of Jeff Hornecek and Jeff Grayer.  These guys put the basketball program on the map.  I diligently followed all the sports in 1988 when I knew I was going to attend there.

How many of your employees/children are
Iowa State students/alumni?  My office manager is an alumni and I met my wife there. 

Do you and your employees get together and tailgate before the games?
We occasionally get together to tailgate with fellow alums.

What are some of your favorite
Iowa State moments?  I am an alumni of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity.  I have many fond memories of the House.  We all tailgated and had seats together during the lean years in football.  My father and I were in the rafters in the early 90's at Hilton.  We were down by 17 or so at halftime to Eddie Sutton's Okie State team.  Justus Thigpen and company led the charge back.  I have never heard Hilton as loud as it was that day.  Every time Okie State shot free throws the floor rattled.  It was unbelievable!  On another occasion, my fraternity brothers and I had 2nd row behind ISU's bench on Big Monday when Kansas came in ranked in the top 5.  After the game we stormed the floor and was about to razz Greg Ostertag about his game.  I went out and looked straight up at him.  I decided it wouldn't be that bright of an idea since he was a big a Barn. 


Without Iowa State I would have never met my wife, Victoria.  I met her during a Varieties event that her sorority and my fraternity did together.  The memories I have are numerous and awesome!

What are your thoughts on the current football season and the upcoming
basketball seasons?
  I am jacked up about the tradition being established in all three programs.  We definitely have three of the best coaches in the land.  Mac has done a fabulous job!  He has to be one of the most goal driven coaches I have ever seen.  You can't forget about Wayne Morgan.  This man took over a program that could have went south quick.  I think he was the heart of that coaching staff when Larry was there.  This season coming up has got me "giddy".  Bill has got a young team and he will keep the ladies moving up.  How could you not be ecstatic about what's going on here?  Football-Bowl game and both basketball programs-NCAA Tournament bound.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?
  I believe we are on the right path with Cyclone Nation.  I have supported the University and other programs for years and look forward to continued success of the University.  These are the times to be a Cyclone Fan!   Measures are in place to establish the tradition that it takes for alumi and businesses to support these programs financially.  If you can't get excited about what is going on you need to check your pulse.  I have never seen it like this and am looking forward to more people becoming fans and supporters of this great University, it's staff and coaches!!  If I can be of any service to fellow Cyclone Nation, please feel free to give me a call @ 515-278-6802.   In addition, I would like to thank Chad and Steve for the great job they do with the Cyclone Nation website and on the radio each day.  Keep up the good work and GOD BLESS THE CYCLONES!!


CN encourages all Cyclone fans to do business with Cyclone Businesses of the Day. You can contact Kerry Bettis at 2961 100th Street in Urbandale, IA 50202.

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