CN's Pick 5!

This week the CN Staff picks their five winners and losers of the weekend. A running total will be kept all season long and the last place winner gets a congratulatory case of Natty Lite.

Steve Deace, CN Publisher


Iowa State over Baylor...The Cyclones win, albeit a low-scoring struggle at Jack Trice Stadium.


Texas over Oklahoma...This has all the markings of a trip behind the woodshed.  And it will be.


Texas A&M over Colorado...The Aggies will do the Cyclones a favor by escaping Boulder with the victory.


Texas Tech over Nebraska...The Huskers have this game circled after getting 70-pointed by the Red Raiders last year, but the revenge factor isn't enough to offset the speed and quickness advantage Texas Tech has.


Kansas State over Kansas...Still don't know really how good either of these teams are, but we'll go with the Wildcats at home.



Mark Hersom, CN Staff Writer


Iowa State over Baylor…Can you believe that a game against Baylor over the last two years could be the determinant for the Cyclones season? Let's hope the Cyclones make sure that history is snapped by Baylor in that long conference road losing streak. The Bears are much improved and have more heart than we've seen in awhile. Let's not forget, the Cyclones once lost to this team 10 years ago 41-0 at Waco so the Bears do not fear these Cyclones. Heck, they out-gained and for the most part out-played ISU last year if it wasn't for the fumble recovery of Brent Curvey. You have to hold steady and defend the home turf without a loss. ISU have a very favorable schedule to do so but it all starts tomorrow. The defense has to step up and shut down a running back and rattle QB Shawn Bell. The Cyclones feed off instant point big plays and somehow this needs to take place Saturday. I'm predicting a close one but ISU pulls away in the end on a ground game and win 26-17.


Texas over OklahomaFinally Mack Brown looks like a lock to win this game, but as Lee Corso says, "Not so fast…" Nahhhhh. The Longhorns will not falter that great win at Ohio State and in the national spotlight again they will hold on to win. This may be ugly as far as being rough because Oklahoma's only shot at a success this year compared to the past few would be to win this game. Mark it down, if the Sooners look bad in this one they will lose next week at Arrowhead in Kansas City against the Jayhawks. Adrian Peterson is banged up a little and the front defensive lineman for Texas are licking their chops as whoever throws the ball for the Sooners is going to have a long day. OU's defense will score a touchdown but too much Vince Young as the Longhorns win for the first time in six years 32-16.



Colorado over Texas A&M…Another South team that travels to a North team with lots at stake. Is Baylor that good or did the Aggies have a bad week? This week will answer that question and much like the above aforementioned game, the South road team could create another log jam in the North race. CU has played well and anytime you hang a shutout in the Big 12 that is really saying something, especially on the road. I'm really hoping for an Aggie victory but was not impressed with what happened last week in College Station. Boulder is no College Station as far as crowd noise but the elevation factor will play a role. The Buffaloes take one huge step forward in winning the Big 12 North and take out the Aggies with the arm of Joel Klatt and the leg of Mason Crosby and win 30-21.


Texas Tech over Nebraska…I sure hope that the Red Raiders come out clicking on all cylinders like the Cornhuskers did against the Clones last week and shut up the Husker fans who just one week ago were moaning that they will not win a game unless they run the ball 50 times. This game is huge when you're talking about protecting your home turf. Also, if NU loses this game, can they go on the road for the first time this year and play well at WACO? Well, if Mike Leach has anything to say about it, we will find out as the Red Raiders from Texas Tech leave another bad Texas taste in the mouths of the "Blackshirt" fans and show them what the real spread offense is all about. This game is all about Tech in its execution as the Cyclones did not execute for 4 quarters and should have one the game. Redraiders 33, Cornhuskers 27.


Kansas over Kansas St…Sure the Wildcats scored 21 points in the second half at Oklahoma last week but the game was already over. No one gave credit to Troy Davis for gaining all of those yards because the naysayers said that he did it in the second half when the game was already decided. Well for the Wildcats, they will need to score more than 21 points to win this game as Kansas was impressive in holding Texas Tech to 30 points. Do you think Coach Mangino draws straws to see who the starting quarterback is? This is a rivalry game so throw out the statistics for the most part. The Jayhawk defense is better than the Wildcat offense and in such, I see the Wildcats being the team that gets eliminated from the Big 12 North race. Jayhawks 23-20.



Amanda Ouverson, CN Staff Writer


Iowa State over Baylor…Cyclones are rejuvenated by the Jack Trice crowd in wear the Bears down. I think we'll see a big fourth quarter performance like the win over Iowa.


Texas over OklahomaEasy call here, Oklahoma just isn't the team they once were. Horns win big.


Texas A&M over Colorado…Reggie McNeal is a big advantage for A&M and the Aggies will want to show they're a much improved team from last weekend.


Kansas over Kansas StateAs in most rivalry games it'll be close, but Kansas will pull away late.



Chris Williams, CN Staff Writer


Iowa State over Baylor…This game won't be as close as people are predicting. Iowa State will come out extremely fired up with something to prove. The Nebraska loss will not linger into this game as this is a different Cyclone team that we've seen in past years. The Cyclones will cruise and the running game will be much improved from last week.


Texas over OklahomaThe past decade means nothing in this game. Vince Young will run wild and the Texas defense will dominate the Sooners. This game will never be close as the Horns will win in a blowout.


Texas A&M over ColoradoI like the Aggies in this one just because of Reggie McNeal. The Buffs big win over Okalahoma State did nothing for me. Don't be deceived by A&M squeaking past Baylor last week. Baylor is much improved and that game is becoming a bit of a rivalry down in the state of Texas. A&M will recover nicely with a win in Boulder.


Texas Tech over Nebraska...Sorry folks but the Huskers haven't shown me anything yet. The "Blackshirts" might be the highest scoring defense in the country but still gave up a ton of yardage last week to the one dimensional Iowa Sate passing attack. Texas Tech won't have any problem scoring points and Nebraska still doesn't have the athletes on offense to compete with the cream of the crop in the Big 12. This game will be close for a while but I like the Red Raiders to win convincingly.


Kansas over Kansas StateI like the Jayhawks in this rivalry game to pull off the slight upset on the road. Honestly I don't know why I just have a gut feeling that the fighting Manginos will be hyped up going into this one. They showed me something hanging tough with Tech last weekend and the momentum will carry over in this one. 



Chad Winterboer, Chief Operating Officer


Iowa State over Baylor…Baylor's defense is playing very well and they are a much better team than they used to be but their Big 12 road winless streak will continue on Saturday.  Iowa State's offense will connect on some big plays and Greg Coleman along with our offensive line will get stronger in the 4th quarter putting the game on ice.


Texas over OklahomaI never thought I would pick Texas over Oklahoma after the last few years but that is exactly what I'm going to do.  With Adrian Peterson not being 100% Oklahoma won't have the weapons to defeat Texas.


Colorado over Texas A&M…As of late Colorado has looked very impressive while Texas A&M has seemed to struggle.  I think this game will come down to the wire but in an attempt to jinx Colorado I will pick them to win this game.  Don't worry, just because I'm picking Colorado doesn't mean I won't be cheering loudly for Texas A&M.


Texas Tech over NebraskaI just don't see Nebraska's offense being able to score enough points to win this game.  As much as I would like to pick Nebraska just to jinx them like I did Colorado I just can't bring myself to do it in this case.


Kansas State over KansasKansas has a much-improved defense over past seasons but I'm still not convinced they are ready to be one of the top teams in the North.  I'm taking the home team even though Kansas State is not the same team they used to be.


On the season…


Steve Deace                         20-8

Mark Hersom                        22-6

Amanda Ouverson               21-7

Andrew Swan                   7-8

Chad Winterboer                  23-5

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