Key players from the ISU-Baylor game.

Baylor Bears S Willy Andrews- He set the tone early with a sack of Bret Meyer on ISU's first possession and then had a 16 yard punt return to the Cyclones 28 that set up their first touchdown. For the day he had 60 yards of returns with the longest being 29.


Baylors QB Shawn Bell- His late 16 yard run to get a first down on third and fourteen from the Baylor 31 was huge. He finished with 33 yards rushing which meant that the Cyclones didn't get to him at all. He started the first quarter going 9-of-10 which is the second straight week that the Cyclone defense have allowed a quarterback to look like Joe Montana. Bell showed poise in the late drive and kept the Cyclones second guessing of what he was going to do. His first throw touchdown to Ziegler was on the money and got the momentum on Baylor's side which the Cyclones seemed to fight it all day from there even when they had the lead.


Baylor's punter Daniel Sepulveda-His 68 yarder after Coleman fumbled turned the tide just as ISU thought they'd get the ball back and drive again; they get the ball at the 1 ½. Sepulveda is on the Ray Guy watch list and it showed that he deserved to be there with a 44 yard average. Again the Cyclones did not get to the punter who has a great average.


RB Jason Harris ISU- He showed flashes of speed in the ISU backfield, something that hasn't been there in two years. The sad thing is we had to use his redshirt but if playing him to win games comes true, then there would be no need to complain.


DB-DeAndre Jackson ISU- For the most part he played a good game and his forced fumble should've been a key play but the Cyclones only got 3 points when in the past that would be 7 when a recovery goes inside the opponents twenty-five.


Baylor's Offensive Line- They did not allow any big hits against Bell and pushed just enough to keep drives going. Baylor had two drives of over 10 plays that ate up a lot of clock. The line didn't hurt them at key times and giving Bell opportunities to hit his receivers and run for the bootlegs late in the game gave the Bears much needed confidence without their starting center.



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