Baylor Post-game press conference

Notes and quotes from Guy Morriss and players.

Head Coach Guy Morriss really didn't have any words to describe what it means to win on the road for the Bears. Even though he was only 0-9, he said "that's one gorilla off our back" with relief as he eased back in his chair.


When asked about the fumble of Greg Coleman, Morriss said it was huge. He didn't know if it was a fumble or not until the officials reviewed the play and made the call.


Guy Morriss was asked right away about what he saw when he decided to come to Baylor two years ago and he said that he was a player(at TCU) in the Southwest Conference and coached in the state and knew that there was plenty of Texas players right in Waco's backdoor that he just needed to "change the mindset" of not only the players, but the faculty, the Alumni, the school administration and the city, as Baylor had success in winning back in the 70's & 80's and sent many players to the NFL. Morris, a former NFL offensive lineman, played for two Super Bowl teams as an All-Pro with the Eagles in 1981 and with the Patriots in 1986 in the lost to the Bears.


Morriss was the head coach for Kentucky from 2001-02 with a 9-14 record including going 7-5 his second year with the Wildcats. Now in his third year with the Bears he has already surpassed last years win total with four wins.


Coach Morriss was asked if the Bears had a goal at the beginning of the season to reach a bowl and he said "yes, as long as it remains a reachable goal and the players don't lose focus, they talk about it and believe it". "This game makes Baylor a legitimate contender to get to a bowl game but with this win, they won't sneak up on anyone."


Coach Morriss was asked what he said at halftime and he responded by saying that he didn't yell at them that he told them "this can be the turning point of their season to come back and win this game."


Morriss didn't really know if any particular play or time in the second half they got their "swagger and enthusiasm" back but he felt it and with that late fumble recovery and drive to cap it off was a sign that this team has erased past memories.


QB Shawn Bell- "We feel we should've been five & 0 because they are playing well." That's what Baylor's quarterback stated to a reporter when asked what this win means to him. Bell stated that the Bears remembered ISU's last game winning drive and this time they reversed the outcome, "I told the guys in the huddle that these guys (Cyclones) got us last year on our turf and let's bring this one home."


OS Tyler Lindstrom (from Omaha, Neb.) - was the player who forced RJ Sumrall's fumble late in the 4th. He was asked about the play and said that "I saw Meyer's eyes on the 3rd receiver and just came up hard, knowing that he would catch it but wanted to make a hard hit. The ball just popped out and that was the biggest hit of my career which I'm a fifth year senior."


OS Maurice Linguist - recovered the Greg Coleman fumble in the third. He wasn't certain if Coleman was down but saw the ball and just dropped on it as he wasn't thinking of returning it. He was asked if they keyed on Austin Flynn as the Bears shut him down and he said that "we knew he was their big third down receiver and just wanted to make them force it or go to someone else." He feels that they have a good chance to go to a bowl game.

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