Fonua plans on visiting Iowa State

David Fonua, the 6-foot-1, 244 pound defensive end out of Bradenton, Florida hasn't set an official visit to Iowa State, but he plans on doing it in the near future.

David Fonua hasn't set a visit yet but one thing is sure to him, Iowa State is definitely in his top two along with SEC power Tennessee.


"I've still got my options open but those are the two that are really high on my level," Fonua said.


Though Fonua has never been to the state of Iowa before, he says that the cold weather in the winter months wouldn't intimidate him. In fact, he welcomes it.


"I like the cold weather. It's better than playing in the heat," Fonua said.


Fonua has a couple of other factors that lean towards Iowa State's favor. One is that he has cousins that go to school in the state of Iowa and would be able to come watch him play. Another is that one of his high school coaches attended college at Iowa State.


"He talked to me about it and said that everything there (Iowa State) was cool," Founa said.


The main part of Fonua's game that he is working on is the speed and quickness he possesses. He is still working on it but admits that his speed has gotten much better due to excessive running over the summer.


While his speed is a downside his strength and aggressiveness are his strengths.


"I'm really aggressive on the field," Fonua said. "There's no doubt about that. Its football."


Fonua's high school team is currently 4-2 and undefeated in their district. He currently has six sacks and 60 tackles in his first six games.


Fonua is currently thinking about studying criminology when he arrives at college and if not playing football would like to be an FBI agent someday.



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