Johnson to Visit in December

Bailey Johnson, a 6-foot-3 240 pound defensive end out of Flossmore, Illinois is excited for his visit to Ames.

Bailey Johnson, a 6-foot-3, 240 pound defensive end out of Flossmore, Illinois is set to visit Iowa State on the weekend of December 16.


Johnson, who has recorded 57 tackles and eight sacks in just six games this year is excited about making his way over to Ames, and getting on with his decision on where to attend college.


"My parents and I are kind of thinking about it. I think we want to go make some visits before I go and make firm decision," Johnson said.


Johnson also has received offers from Minnesota, Iowa State, Ball State and Northern. He said that he plans on visiting all of the schools before he makes a decision. Leaning in Iowa State's direction are the facts that Johnson likes the Ames area and that he has recently been impressed with the football teams academic success. Johnson has also taken a liking to the Cyclone coaching staff.


"I got to meet the coaches over the summer. I got to talk to the D-Line coach and couple other coaches. I didn't get a chance to talk to the head coach but I'd like to meet him as well," Johnson said.


Johnson has taken advantage of being a senior by stepping up big time as a leader for his high school team. He's stepping up all over the place on and off of the field. One thing that Johnson stresses is the fact that he wants to have a solid relationship with his teammates.


"I've known the younger guys for a while," he said. "So they know that they can talk to me and stuff. We're just real cool and I think that they do look up to me."


Johnson has also been a leader on the field. Last week in a game the opposing team was driving in the last few minutes of the game. Johnson forced a fumble on the 10 yard line and his team drove down the field to win the game in a last minute score.


"I'm just making plays whenever they need me to," Johnson said.


When he gets to college, Johnson plans on majoring in engineering. He doesn't know what he'd like to do after college, but he looks forward to experimenting with classes to find out what he wants to do in his future.

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