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Rhonda Marx from Stew Hansen's Dodge City in Urbandale is our featured business professional of the day!

I work at Stew Hansen's Dodge City in Urbandale across the Interstate.  After two years at a competing business I decided for a change. I come from 17 years of restaurant experience previous to selling cars.

Most recently I owned The Nest in
Johnston, (when it was THE Cyclone hangout for the metro).  After a divorce I decided to change careers again, (I graduated in Leisure Studies, commercial recreation, 1987 from ISU) and decided to try sales.  I love it!  


I am not your typical hard press, gotta do it now, salesperson.  I would never buy like that and don't expect my customers too, either.  The easiest way to reach me is to call the dealership at 331-2900 or email me at  or my personal one which is easier to remember:

As for ISU.  I am red and gold through and through.  Never questioned where to go to school or which team to root for on Saturday.  I have personalized plates that the DOT won't let me put on a vehicle that say H8IHAWX!!!  In college I was known as "Bart", some of you may have never known my real name as for four years plus I was never called that unless Mom came on the dorm floor looking for me.  


Some of my favorite memories will never be remembered, but the ones I do were mud fights in front of the dorms, flag football, mud volleyball, managing the varsity volleyball team, and becoming an honorary member of every floor in old Oak-Elm. I have always had a problem with being shy and introverted!!!!  


For 22 years, I have attended football and basketball games in Ames and some away from home,  Note to self: don't wear ISU coat to Iowa game at Carver and sit in student section and cheer for the other team (Northwestern),.... oh well, what the heck!!! Why not?


That is the only downfall of this job, Saturdays are the busiest of the week so I have had to miss more than I care to admit, but there usually is a TV or radio that I try to stay near.  I will die a Cyclone and am raising my kids to be Clones, not too hard to do!!  


Would love to talk to a Cyclone about a new car and am working to get a discount program going here for club members... keep checking website for updates.   GO CLONES!!!!


CN encourages all Cyclone fans to do business with Cyclone Businesses of the Day. You can contact Rhonda Marx at 515.331.2900 or via email at or



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