Four Sport Athlete Interested in Cyclones

Patrick Steinbach, a 6-foot-7, 275 pound offensive lineman out of Albia, Iowa is very interested in Iowa State, even though the Cyclones are yet to offer the four sport athlete.

Patrick Steinbach is currently receiving interest from Iowa State, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Purdue, and Kansas State. Steinbach also attended camps at Iowa, Iowa State, and Kansas.


"Iowa State has been great to me," Steinbach said. "I don't have one bad thing to say about them. They are a great program. You can't get anything better than their facilities. It's always a pleasure to go up and see their games and be around their coaches and players. It's a great environment. It's just a great place to be."


Steinbach is yet to receive an offer but he won't let that change the way he plays on the field for his high school team; he is a team player all the way.


"You have to be a team player and I believe in that so strongly," he said. "You can't go out there and be a show off. You have to go out there and play your game but you have to realize that there are 10 other guys on your side. You just can't go out there and not worry about anybody else. You have to let them do your part and count on them to do their part."


Steinbach has been to three Iowa State games this year and every time he goes back, Iowa State seems even more special. He's taking a special liking to the coaches at Iowa State.


 "They are excellent," Steinbach said. "They are so down to earth. They seem like real people instead of drill sergeants. They care about you actually."


As mentioned earlier, Steinbach is a team player. He thinks team before himself and loves being part of a team, and a family. That's another thing he loves about the Iowa State program.


 "The family up there is so strong," he said. "You hear that from all of their players. They just have such a tight family up there. You feel wanted. You feel like part of that family and are taken in and you're well treated. They keep an eye on your academics as well."


For now Steinbach is concerned with his high school season and also improving his skills so that he can play at the next level.


"I have improved quite a bit on my technique," Steinbach said. "I've probably gotten 100 percent better to tell you the truth. I'm now getting my feet underneath me. I've learned how to pass block. After you get that technique down it's so much easier and I'm getting the feel for things a lot better."


Steinbach's Albia High School is currently 4-2. Along with football, Steinbach also plays basketball, baseball and runs track for Albia. Steinbach plans to major in business when he gets to college.

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