Keys to an Iowa State Victory

CN staff writer Mark Hersom believes these things are crucial to Iowa State getting back on the winning track against Missouri.

The Cyclones are going to have to play with confidence and emotion. How can this team be so fired up against Iowa and not create the same intensity against Baylor? They need to find out in a hurry or it will be a long game.


This isn't about what the other team is going to do to Iowa State; this is about what Iowa State is doing to themselves. They have not played a complete game this year except against the Hawkeyes. There is always talk about playing, "four quarters of football" from this coaching staff in the past. They are going to need it this Saturday as error free as they can be.


We can not compare last year because the other teams are different. Do not rely on the past, create the future and write your own story that is what Cyclone fans want to hear. Make that tough decision to go for first down inside the opponents' 10 yard line and show confidence in not only the defense but the offense. Tough decisions are needed as expectations are all but shattered for a miracle season.


The Cyclones do not have much history on their side and it's about time they create great positive history and not settle for the expected. I saw Ames High School this year on 3rd & 11 from their own 3 yard line do a double reverse and throw the ball out of the end zone for a 65 yard pass play. Those types of plays are needed to keep a positive approach for the rest of the season.


This is "lay it all on the line" kind of game and if Baylor and Nebraska had revenge on their mind, then this Cyclone team should be out for blood. We are owed a huge game and it starts right now. There is not much more you can say about this game, you can't blame it on the fans as this is a road game that most thought at the beginning of the season was a loss.


Do the Cyclones have what it takes to overcome adversity and get back in the race for a bowl game or could last weeks game be UConn and this week Boise St? Time to prove that the Cyclones are a player in the Big 12….North at least.

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