CN Spotlight

CN staff writer Mark Hersom thinks these players will make an impact when Iowa State and Missouri hit the field Saturday afternoon.

QB Brad Smith(Missouri) vs. DE Jason Berryman(ISU)-

Maybe instead of allowing the "star" player for every team almost single handedly beat ISU, Berryman should follow Brad Smith on every play. Instead of having such a bull rush that flushes Smith out of the pocket and allowing him to do what he does best, create on the fly, drop Berryman back couple yards to allow him to see what Smith will do. It's like face guarding in basketball, where one player just looks at the offensive player in the face instead of playing the ball. I would rather have Brad Smith gain three to four yards instead of breaking one for 20. Also Berryman could get in the passing lanes as every team knows the short crossing routes will be wide open against the Cyclones.


RB's Marcus Woods and Tony Temple(Missouri) vs. ISU's linebackers-

Marcus Woods made some huge runs last year when Missouri was in control of the second half. Last week Mizzou ran for over 300 yards and if that happens again this week, it will be a long game. The Cyclone linebackers need to make plays. They haven't got the big interception or fumble like they did last year. Can Jamarr Buchanan take advantage of being named a starter? Let's hope so because he has played well as of late. Maybe a veteran influence will make a difference.


DB AJ Kincade(Missouri) vs. WR Jon Davis(ISU)-

Kincade made the biggest play of the year against the Cyclones in the final game as he sealed the overtime win with a pick in the end zone in overtime. Jon Davis and the rest of the Cyclone receivers need to break open and get a big play made. Davis has the speed to break one as he connected against Nebraska for over 70 yards last year. There hasn't been much success with the deep ball and it needs to happen this Saturday.

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