CN's Pick 5!

This week the CN Staff picks their five winners and losers of the weekend. A running total will be kept all season long and the last place winner gets a congratulatory case of Natty Lite.

Steve Deace, CN Publisher

Missouri over Iowa State....The Cyclones unfortunately haven't bottomed out yet, and Missouri has too much offense for a team lacking playmakers.


Baylor over Nebraska...The Huskers haven't played a road game yet, and it will show this week as the Bears go to 5-1. 


Kansas over Oklahoma...Interesting stat: of the 24 players signed by the Sooners in their top-ranked 2003 recruiting class, only 10 are still on the roster and only of them is starting.  This team isn't that good.


Texas Tech over Kansas State...The Wildcats need more than 12 points to win this one.


Texas over Colorado...The Buffaloes will hang around physically, but doesn't have enough firepower to pull off the upset.



Mark Hersom, CN Staff Writer


Missouri over Iowa StateYes, I would love to pick the Cyclones but I have two words not to, Brad Smith. Until I see the Cyclones contain a quarterback and cause some turnovers like they did last year and against Iowa, I will not be able to pick them. Smith runs for 180 yards, passes for 150 and Missouri wins this one going away. I hope I put the jinx factor in on this prediction but not feeling confident. Players don't look at this one's view, Mizzou 45, Iowa State 17. Goal now is to win three to be bowl eligible.


Baylor over NebraskaCan the Bears ride the victory of ending their losing streak and make a name for themselves against the Cornhuskers. The Bears have the confidence to pull off the upset and are playing with poise. What is takes to win the close games are good ball control, they have that with Mosely; good sound quarterback play, Shawn Bell showed me a lot last week with the late bootleg; and an impact player which they have in Willie Andrews with his punt returning ability.


The Cornhuskers are on the road for the first time and with the Missouri game ahead next week, will they overlook the Bears? Probably not after they beat ISU last week, but going against Baylor isn't the same as at Missouri. Baylor has a good offensive line that can control the line of scrimmage and to keep the "Blackshirts" limited in their sacks will be the main factor. Keep this one close till the 4th quarter and the Bears will pull it out. Baylor wins 16-13 much like last weeks game against the Clones. Bears have a better field goal kicker.


Kansas over OklahomaIs this do or die for Mangino? KU all around player Charles Gordon will throw the ball in this game. Will it be enough? The Jayhawk defense has played well the whole season and will be fired up for this national televised game. Biggest concern for KU will be if they can run the ball on the Sooners to control the game. If Stoops loses this game and Baylor beats the Cornhuskers, you could see Oklahoma being an underdog to them next week. Wow what a difference a year makes. KU wins 16-14.


Texas Tech over Kansas StateThe Red Raiders showed some heart in coming from behind to win at Lincoln. The offense sputtered in the middle but in the beginning and end, it was unstoppable, except for that interception that NU had and lost. Too bad the Cornhuskers, didn't get all the breaks this time. This one's a laugher as Tech sends Bill Snyder and the Mildcats home to Manhattan. Texas Tech 49- Wildcats 21.


Texas over ColoradoColorado takes a step up in class in this game but plays hard. Texas and Vince Young have accomplished two goals so far, knock off Ohio State so they are in contention for the BCS, and shut up the Sooner fans. Next is to win the South and play for the Big 12 title heading back to the Rose Bowl for the National Championship. These teams will meet again in December, and once again in Texas and with the same outcome. Texas is on a mission and Mack Brown has paid his dues. Too much defensive line play as the Longhorns force Klatt to throw the ball all over. Texas 31- Colorado 17  



Amanda Ouverson, CN Staff Writer


Iowa State over Missouri

If Iowa State doesn't win this weekend I'll start to rethink my faithfulness and maybe go with my head more than my heart. But this week I believe Mac's gonna have his boys fired up and the season turnaround begins in Mizzou.


Baylor over NebraskaBaylor's a good squad and Nebraska hasn't played on the road. The Bears by two TDs.


Oklahoma over KansasToss-up here, I'll just go with OU.


Texas Tech over Kansas State….Texas Tech wins big.


Texas over ColoradoOnce again way too much Vince Young.



Chris Williams, CN Staff Writer


Iowa State over MissouriI am doing this for one reason and one reason alone. I think Baylor is a really good football team. I think Iowa State rebounds from that loss and gets a huge win on the road. Bret Meyer is going to be the key to this game, not the running game. Also it will be interesting to see how this Todd Blythe at punt return plays out. Cross your fingers Clone fans.


Baylor over NebraskaSome might call this an upset but I don't think so. Baylor is two plays away from being undefeated. It's October 15 and it's Nebraska's first home game. That is absolutely insane to me. I like the Bears to win comfortably.


Oklahoma over KansasIt doesn't matter if Oklahoma is having a down year. It's still Oklahoma against Kansas. Oklahoma will win by a couple of touchdowns.


Texas Tech over Kansas StateTexas Tech is a solid football team that will go far this year. I like the Raiders to run up the score in this one. We all know that's not foreign to the Raiders. Kansas State is better but won't have anything for Tech.


Texas over Colorado….A trendy upset pick that won't ever happen. This game is in Austin and the Horns will win comfortably. Iowa State fans need to be wearing orange if not in Columbia on Saturday.



Chad Winterboer, CN Chief Operating Officer


Iowa State over MissouriI think the defense will find a way to contain Brad Smith adequately enough to keep form putting too many points on the board. We'll find a way to pull this out and salvage the season 31-28.


Nebraska over Baylor…Baylor is improved but I think Nebraska is starting to catch on and click in their offense.


Oklahoma over KansasKansas is improved and obviously Oklahoma is struggling but I still have to take Bob Stoops over Mark Mangino.


Texas Tech over Kansas State Tech has too many weapons and K-State isn't the team they used to be.


Texas over ColoradoColorado is playing pretty darn good ball, but I still got to take Texas. They've got too many weapons and too good this year.



On the season…


Steve Deace                         23-10

Mark Hersom                        25-8

Amanda Ouverson               24-9

Andrew Swan                   7-8

Chris Williams                       3-2

Chad Winterboer                  26-7

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