Senior Stability: Brittany Wilkins

With half of this years ISU women's basketball squad composed of freshmen, fifth year senior Brittany Wilkins will be looked upon for her leadership capabilities on and off the court.

For Brittany Wilkins it's now or never.


Wilkins a fifth year senior on the ISU women's basketball team will be looked upon for her leadership and to provide valuable minutes in the post.


With five freshmen on the team, Wilkins is definitely the elder statesman on the squad.


"I've talked to Coach a lot and had a good time this summer as far as gaining confidence and getting ready to go," Wilkins said. "I feel just leading by example and doing the little things, especially by leading the younger players and just the way we do things here as far the effort.


"Coach Fennelly always says even if you're in the wrong spot and you're going hard that's what he wants. I'm excited to step up in anyway I can. I feel I'm in good shape and I'm healthy."


Wilkins averaged 4.2 points and led the Cyclones in field goal percentage, connecting on 61.3 percent of her shots last season.


This season Wilkins hopes to be a reliable threat for the Cyclones.


"I want a level of consistency as far as my play that I can show up and bring my game every day," Wilkins said. "Obviously everybody has good days and bad days but just be able to find that level of consistency and be able to contribute in that way. That's what every coach desires too a level of consistency where they can count on me every day."


Iowa State will also be looking for some consistency from their freshmen, Wilkins said the upperclassmen pulled them aside this summer and explained their role on the squad.


"[We told them] you aren't going to be freshmen who sit around and take a year or two to get into it," she said. "We need them to play this year, so I think we definitely have expectations for them and they can live up to them."


Wilkins said for the freshmen the best advice she can give them is that they'll have to learn by doing.


"I don't think they'll really truly understand until they get out there and experience Hilton Coliseum and the people that are here and the environment that we play in," Wilkins said. "I remember when I was a freshman and I had like a million questions. So just trying to build those relationships and having them feel comfortable coming to us if they have anything to ask."


Heading into her final-go-round Wilkins said the friendships are the most important thing she'll take away from her playing days.


"It's fun being around these girls because we all are just like family and we all bring so many differences to the team, just as far as our personalities," Wilkins said. "I think that's awesome and how we can step on the floor and get on the same page and strive for the same goals."


Wilkins has seen a lot in her five years in a Cyclone uniform but there are some things that have remained the same.


"I remember when Angie Welle was here and I was the little pip squeak freshman that came in," Wilkins said. "Obviously there been changes with the people but the program has never changed as far as the foundation Coach Fennelly has and always sticking to his principles such as working hard and sticking together. I think those are the No. 1 things that Coach Fennelly has established here.


"Playing time goes up and down and stats go up and down, but the relationships we build are going to be most memorable."

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