Q&A With Kris Means

The following is a chance for Cyclone fans to get a chance to know future Cyclone Kris Means on a more personal level.

Kris Means is a 6-foot, 220 pound linebacker that has already committed to Iowa State. Means is currently the state of Colorado in yards per carry averaging 12.4 yards. He is currently 11th in rushing in 4A and fourth in tackles. Means is the only player in both 5A and 4A that is ranked that high on both the offensive and defensive lists.


Means was recently named to the PrepStar all-American team and his high school team is currently 7-0 and ranked third in the state. The following is a chance for Cyclone fans to get a chance to know this future Cyclone on a more personal level.


CN: What is the one thing that you can bring to this Iowa State football team?


Means: On defense I like to fly around and hit people. That's what I love to do. I love to hit hard and pursue the ball.


CN: What is the one thing that you're looking forward to most about college?


Means: The atmosphere. I can't wait to get out there. All of the people there seem like a lot of fun.


CN: Who is your football idol?


Means: I actually have two of them. Mike Alstott and Teddy Bruschi.


CN: Besides football, what is your dream job?


Means: I've actually never thought about it. I'd say being a chemical engineer. Designing new sources of fuel and stuff like that.


I then played a word association game with Means. I said one word and he replied with the first word that came to his head.


CN: Football

Means: Hitting


CN: Big 12

Means: Competition


CN: Winning

Means: Hard work


CN: Determination

Means: Motivation


CN: Goals

Means: Perseverance


CN: Hitting

Means: Injuring somebody


CN: Iowa State

Means: Tradition


CN: Champion

Means: Tradition


CN: Food

Means: Anything good


CN: School

Means: Difficult






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