Pre-Oklahoma State Ryan Kock Q&A

ISU fullback looks ahead to Iowa State's homecoming game with Oklahoma State.

On how the team is dealing with the frustrations of being 3-3…

Just go to the next week, that's basically all you can do. You start to prepare for the next one and hope to get a win in that win column.


On the start of a new season this week against Oklahoma State

The whole focus on the team has been 1-0 every week and the past three weeks we haven't accomplished that. So this week hoping to go 1-0 and just get a new streak started.


On what he hears when he goes on the field…

They say I'm in the game because there's only a few plays that I run. They recognize when I go in the game.


On being second in the Big 12 in touchdowns…

All those touchdowns aren't leading to wins right now and that's basically what we're trying to do.


On getting over his fumble against Missouri….

I still think about it. Coaches stress that every day. It's been stressed since the day I walked in the doors and it's been [repeated] every day in practice. It's something that's not acceptable.


On being 2-4 going into week 7 last year and if this team is feeling worse this year than it did last season…

I don't know if it's any worse. We know we're a good football team and like everybody says we're a handful of plays from being where we want to be. We just need to turn those plays around and have a great end to this season.

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