What they're saying...Oklahoma State

Read what the Oklahoma State Cowboys are saying about their upcoming game with Iowa State. Quotes from OSU Football Media Luncheon held on Monday, Oct. 17, 2005 (courtesy of OSU media relations).

Head Coach Mike Gundy

On the loss to against Texas A&M
"We had too many turnovers, A&M had too many big plays and (Reggie) McNeal played very well. Defensively, we have to wrap up because a couple of times in the option game, we did not have the pitch and quarterback responsibilities as well as we should have. Offensively, we actually did good things, Mike Hamilton played well. We moved the ball, but we had too many turnovers and did not give ourselves a chance to win."

On Iowa State
"We have a lot of work ahead for us. Their quarterback is playing well for them this year, and a few of their receivers are making plays.They are a solid team and are very well coached."

On the Iowa State defense
"Defensively, they are solid. I thought last year that their schemes on defense were as good as anybody in this league. The way they were gap responsible, they controlled the offense and they fit the running game. I think they only give up 85 yards a game rushing. There is a reason why, because they do a good job defending the run. They have a good plan. One of their down linemen makes plays for them and is really active. No. 44, their linebacker, does a good job and is effective for them. They have a good safety that has been there awhile."

On Iowa State's offense
"On offense, they want to run their zone play and run the fullback belly. They lost a couple of games that they probably feel like, in their opinion, they had a good chance to win. They had a great chance of beating
Missouri and Nebraska. They are good football team that has had some tough breaks up to this point. It will be a lot of work in hand for us, but we are looking forward to it and get back out there and practice tonight."

Senior defensive back Daniel McLemore

On being one of the top kick returners in the country
"I give credit to everyone on kickoff return and to coach (Joe) DeForest, who set up the schemes. I do what he tells me to do, which is follow my blocks and run as fast as I can."

On looking forward to next week
"We are down a little bit, but we just have to pick it up because we have another week ahead of us. It's like what coach Gundy said, you can never hold your head down on one loss. We have lost three so far, but we just have to look forward to the next game.

Sophomore quarterback Al Pena

On picking himself up after a bad game
"I feel a little better. After the game when things go wrong, it feels real bad. Saturday night I just thought about the game, but I got a chance to look at the film on Sunday. It wasn't as bad because there were some good things. Of course, you can take back some of those turnovers, but other than that I think we did all right."

On the team's confidence
"We have a lot of confidence because we saw that we can move the ball. We moved the ball on them (Texas A&M), but we just had some drives killers. We know we have a good defense. Offensively, when we get rolling, we will roll. We just need to figure out how to get in the endzone and limit the turnovers."

Senior linebacker Jamar Ransom

On the potential of the team
"I think we got a little over our heads and started playing undisciplined, and it came back to get us pretty bad. We are still a great football team that can still do a lot things."

On establishing early momentum "We all feed off of each other, and I think getting momentum early will be good. I think that is the key thing for us is to go out there and make something happen early. I know that is one of the things we practice hard on, but it will be a big deal to go out and get a takeaway or the offense going down and driving the ball 80 yards. We need something to get the momentum going."

Junior defensive linemen Darnell Smith

On the importance of starting the game of strong
"It is very important because you start strong and you want to finish strong. The offense can carry the defense and the defense can carry the offense. You always want to start off strong because it can give the team confidence overall."

On the positives of the Texas A&M game
"You have to throw in some positives in everything. I believe that we did something positive in every quarter. You have to look at your keys, your assignments, the little things you did right and things you did wrong. Overall, once you look at that you can correct your mistakes."


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