Three Keys to an Iowa State Victory

CN staff writer Mark Hersom believes these things are crucial to Iowa State getting back on the winning track against Oklahoma State.

ISU needs to establish a ground game that is slowly coming on if they can avoid stalling drives.

Since Okie State is giving up chunks of real estate in bunches, like all of those who owned land around Jordan Creek Town Center, the Cyclones need to rush for over 200 yards in this game. Greg Coleman showed flashes in the Missouri game and Bret Meyer needs to run with more confidence to make him a threat. The offensive line did about the best job all year in making holes. There was a couple long sustaining drives in that game but they only led to three points as Kock fumbled at the three and the Tigers recovered in the end zone. The main factor is playing that way for four quarters as with 4:44 left, it sure would've been nice to run the clock out and not let Mizzou have a chance to tie.



Stop turning the ball over that leads to direct points for the other team.

In reviewing the replay of the Missouri game, I felt better as the Cyclones dominated Missouri but still lost because they need better ball control. In the lean years under Coach Mac, we knew one thing was for certain, the running backs wouldn't fumble. Yes, ISU got a couple takeaways that they scored on against the Tigers, but when you spot a team 14 points and in the 4th quarter fumble at the three into the end zone, you won't win games. After looking at a couple plays in that 4th quarter when Missouri was driving for their field goal, Steve Paris picked up what appeared to be a fumble but the replay clearly showed that I believe Matt Robertson was tacking the receiver and the receiver's knee touches down and then his arm that has the ball comes down and the ball actually hits the turf. That was the correct call, no fumble.


But, later when QB Chase Daniels connected on 4th & 8, the receiver is moving forward and falling down about the 34 yard line and Dobbins clearly strips him of the ball and LaMarcus Hicks recovers but the far sideline official, (who was in front of the Missouri bench), comes flying into the screen pointing down and waving him arm indicating that the receivers forward progress was stopped when it clearly wasn't as the receiver was fighting for more yards. ISU did not push him back at all and the ball came loose while he was moving forward falling down. This was about seven minutes left and the way the Clones were moving the ball, they would've at least ran a couple more minutes off the clock.


Much like past history, ISU is not going to get the benefit of the doubt as it also showed in the third quarter when Bret Meyer clearly scored on a QB sneak but the refs stood there looking down and no-one knew what to do.  Watch the reply after Kock scores and the head official comes over to the side official who should've made the call on the last play and the side ref shakes his head like he never even saw the play or knew what to do.



The offense needs to win a game.

Instead of sending out the field goal unit to tie or miss a field goal in overtime, the offense needs to win a game. They played better against Missouri but still did not play error free or execute to perfection. The deep ball has not been effective for some reason this year and the reverse could be a better weapon. In that three tight receiver set up, they almost ran a counter play with Flynn which I would like to see. I know McCarney doesn't like to run up the score, but if this team could ever click on all cylinders, I feel we should to put the confidence in this team and the fear into the upcoming opponents.

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