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CN staff writer Mark Hersom thinks these players will make an impact when Iowa State and Oklahoma State hit the field Saturday afternoon.

ISU's linebackers vs. OSU's QB either Bobby Reid or Al Pena-

With the Cyclones linebackers playing very well as of late, putting pressure on either of these young quarterbacks is the key to disrupting the Cowboy offense. Redshirt QB Reid went out last week against the Aggies with an injury and in came sophomore Pena who on his first possession fumbled and later threw a couple interceptions.


What the ISU defense did against Brad Smith was awesome but they just weren't able to force Chase Daniel into an errant throw. They pressured him unlike most critics would say as he showed poise for a true freshman. Too many quarterbacks this year, besides Drew Tate of Iowa, have shown poise and confidence. When Tim Dobbins got free and laid a lick as he did against Smith, that's when the confidence goes away.


Cyclone running backs vs. themselves- 

Our running backs have to play error free football for the first time in a long time. This defense that they are going up against is not the best in the Big 12 and the Cyclone running backs need to establish themselves in knowing that they can be counted on to make big play and not create one for the other team. It would be nice to see the freshman Harris get another chance as Coach McCarney made a point of emphasis not to fumble by Harris not seeing more action against the Tigers.


To add extra speed in the backfield to develop another option is important if the Cyclones are a bowl bound team. You would hate to see a player lose a redshirt with so little playing time like Jim Walden did to Troy Davis his freshman year. We all knew that Jake Sullivan would make a key three if he kept shooting. Maybe Jason Harris will bust one for 70 if given a chance.


DB DeAndre Jackson(ISU) vs WR D'Juan Woods (OSU)-

Woods is about the only impact player that has the ability to take over a game for the Cowboys. Jackson needs to make a big play interception return much like Moser did last week. When the secondary creates an impact play it seems that the ISU defense grows stronger.


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