Dan McCarney Post Game

Quotes from the head coach after Iowa State's 37-10 Homecoming victory over Oklahoma State.


I appreciate you guys being here as always. A real good team victory; we knew that Oklahoma State would come in ready to play and confident they could beat Iowa State and they did come in ready but we just a did lot of good things. Lots of big plays in the kicking game. Culbertson was outstanding. RJ Sumrall was outstanding in returns. Our kick return with DeAndre Jackson got some big returns. We challenged our team. I asked the defense at Thursday night's meeting, I said we need a minimum of four take-a-ways minimum and we end up with five. Other than the one huge fumble obviously on the one yard line going in we took care of the ball and were six out of seven in the redzone; that gave us a chance to win the game.


We really settled down defensively after the first two series'. We were a little out of sink, give Oklahoma State credit and we made some adjustments and after that I thought we played really, really good. A real good team victory and it was good to see some players get some playing time who haven't had a chance to play much.


On how big the win was for confidence and team morale…

Real big just to get some life back in your body. I've talked about this before I've never been through anything like this. A double-overtime on the road, overtime on the road, just gut-wrenching losses it's so hard. But to get some life in our bodies and to be back in the locker room celebrating again. The kids got a reward for their hard work today and I'm real proud of them, I'm real proud of the staff.



On David Brown..

He ran real hard, I'm really proud of him. We use practice to obviously really evaluate performance and David's been kind of hot and cold and inconsistent. In the last two weeks he has really improved. His ball security, assignments, protection, running with the ball. He ran hard and he ran fast today. It's nice to see that David did a good job when given the opportunity and Coleman runs hard. Stevie Hicks I think has a real good chance of being back next week. Emergency he could have gone today, but we didn't have to use him and we didn't want to unless we needed to. Our doctors feel like he's got a great chance to be back next week. We're 1-0 in the new season and real proud of the win today.



On the defenses four interceptions…

Big plays, just making the play. First of all you've got to be in the right place, the coverage.  Which means alignment, pre-snap, your footwork, playing great technique but when you're in position go make a play. Don't just bat it down, don't be close, don't be almost, just go make a play. I thought our defensive backs made outstanding plays on the ball, just outstanding plays on the ball. Chris Ash is a heck of a young secondary coach and I thought those kids played with great confidence and made some big plays to help us win that game.



On Todd Blythe

We all know he's capable of doing that and he just seems like he's been close to having one of those days. I'm really, really happy to see that, almost 100 yards in receptions. He's a big-timer. He's a big-time young man; he's a big-time football player. He and I had a little visit this week. You know I'm not taking any credit, he went and did it. It was time for Todd to step up for our team, especially with Stevie Hicks out of the lineup again for another week and I thought he clearly did that today. I'm really proud of Todd. Walter Nickel made a couple of great catches at tight end.



On Nickel's catch in the end zone…

It sure looked like it. You know the reply stuff all worked out for us pretty well today, so we were glad they called it the way they did.



On DeAndre Jackson's kick-off returns…

We didn't have any choice on the one flag it was a dead ball penalty; they wouldn't let us take it where it was. We had to go back and re-kick. He did a tremendous job on both of them; outstanding. We're leading the Big 12 going in today and I'm sure we're leading again after today. We've got a good scheme, it's not complex we didn't do lots of things but what we do, we're good at. We've got to build on that, huge plays in the game for those return guys.



On the return of Ellis Hobbs

Oh it's just great to have him here, his presence. It isn't just the sidelines. He comes back, how many guys in the NFL as successful as Ellis come back. Comes to practice yesterday, goes to the team dinner last night, goes to the movie. Comes back to the team meeting last night, is with us today. That's Ellis and he loves this place and he's very connected here and we were really excited to get a victory while he was here. There were a lot of former players that came back today; homecoming and we wanted to make them feel proud of this program.



On RJ Sumrall…

He just gets better and better. Mike Grant's done a real nice job of developing him and bringing him along. He's still just a freshman, but I thought he did an outstanding job as our punt return guy with Ryan Baum down and made a couple real nice catches. He's a real good football player. He had more accolades in high school than in football, but we really liked him. We just thought he had some real speed and toughness. He's got real good hands, I'm really proud of him.



On if we would have seen Brown if Jason Harris hadn't fumbled…

I don't know. We didn't desert Jason; he fumbled the ball and gave Missouri seven points last weekend. It'd been real easy to say, ‘you can't do it; we're not going to put you back in there again and forget about him.' But we didn't, we gave him another chance, another opportunity and he fumbled on the one. How many times are we going to do that without making a change? We don't want him to lose his spirit, but he's got to take responsibility, he's got to respect the football. Fortunately and thank God that was the last one and there wasn't anything after that. David has really been getting better and he's a player's favorite and today it sounded like he's becoming a fan favorite.



On Johannes Egbers

He's as healthy as you and me, there's nothing wrong with him. He's got to improve his fundamentals and technique. That's why you saw Scott Fisher start the game. He played better last week. We'll grade the tape and evaluate but both of those guys will definitely play. We'll see who the starter is after we see the tape and evaluate.



On seeing the guys have fun playing…

It was really good; these are great kids, a great staff. These guys care. They've just been sick about these tough losses and I'm just real proud of them. We've got a huge challenge this week at A&M. You look at the scores a lot of football to be played; that's what we told these kids this week. We turned it around a new season and let's go see what we can do this week in College Station.



On Bret Culbertson

We have more confidence in him. He stroked all his kicks today. He did a great job. When a kickers in the rhythm and they feel good about it you can see it in their eye and you can also see it the other way when they're not. He had a great look in his eye, kicked the ball and did a great job. Tony Yelk again tremendous job on the kickoffs. Every guy whatever your role is lets give us everything you've got and keep trying to win games.



On keeping the guys up…

When we came out the locker room at Missouri last week everybody wanted to get on the buses and drive to Stillwater and play a game. That was the attitude in that locker room. It wasn't where's the sympathy? It wasn't that at all. Everybody was real upset we let that get away. I would have been really, really disappointed and upset if we hadn't played good today.



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