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Hear from Nick Leaders, DeAndre Jackson, Bret Culbertson and Nik Moser.

Nick Leaders


We had to step it up and make plays. We challenged each other to create turnovers as we knew they (Oklahoma State) turned the ball over seven times against A&M, so we had to get some turnovers and we got five which is great.



On the start of the game…

We started off slow but made corrections and played pretty well the rest of the way.



On the play of the ISU defensive backs…

It was the biggest knock on our defense has been the people who were going to throw the ball on us, after getting 4 INT's I can't say that's a knock anymore.



DeAndre Jackson


We haven't created many turnovers in the past three games. The biggest thing going into this game was to create turnovers and take advantage of it and when the opportunity came we did it and it showed up well.



On the special teams…

Everyone was fired up and were clicking on their blocks and we try to get it past the 50 so the offense can do its thing. Coach had been getting on us to make a play and finishing the deal, finishing the game which we haven't been doing. We needed to take advantage of opportunities and fly to the ball to finish the game.



On what the win means to this team…

It's a lot of weight off our shoulders and its really good for us to come out and play like that, offense, defense, special teams, now we just have to snowball…carry this to next week against A&M and keep making plays and stay focused.



Bret Culbertson


I built my confidence up in practice this week and I'm over Missouri and I'm happy about getting some longer kicks in, I'd rather have some touchdowns but its alright with my, (to kick a long field goal).



Nik Moser


On if he saw anything different in game film…

Not really it was just our effort. Coach Skladany said to go out there rip the ball and make plays which our effort really showed in making them today.


On LaMarcus Hicks' INT…

Anytime you take away the ball in their own end zone and stop their drive is huge.



On the ISU defense not allowing the Cowboys to push the ball out of their end zone after recovering the fumble and forced them to punt….

We didn't want to give up points after a change and that's one of our goals each week no sudden change touchdowns and we just tried to make a stop. It was a goal to get four turnovers and we got five which is great.

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