Notes from the Basketball Shootout

The 05-06 Cyclone basketball teams took the court on Saturday and looked good while doing so. The night started off with the team introductions of both the women and men's squads. It was followed by 10 minute drill sessions and 20 minutes scrimmages by both teams.

Cyclone fans were disappointed to see that Will Blalock and Curtis Stinson didn't suit up. They were on the bench though supported their teammates on the floor. Here are some of my notes I took on random players thru ought the shootout.


John Neal- By far the most impressive player I saw today. While watching Neal in warm ups he barley missed a thing. He hit two threes during the scrimmage and from what I saw he looked a 1,000 times more confident than anything I saw last year. I was very encouraged with what I saw with John.


Tasheed Carr- I was really impressed with the fact that even though it was a scrimmage, Carr was all over the place getting on teammates and had amazing hustle. I love the fact that he was that competitive in a scrimmage.


Farnold Degand- The freshman point guard took control while on the floor. A true commander and will have a nice future at Iowa State.


Jiri Hubalek- I was really impressed with this kid. A force in the middle and showed nice ability to score points down low.


Shawn Taggart- The highly touted looked solid for his first time at Hilton. He even hit a three.


Ross Marsden- This freshman showed the ability to contribute down low. He won't be a huge force but showed some nice awareness.


All in all for what it was the team looked solid. There weren't that many missed shots and the young guys look like they can contribute. The question of who's going to play down low looks better to me after seeing Hubalek play. Taggart will eventually be a star but can't do it on his own down low.

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