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More on Iowa State's 37-10 Homecoming victory over Oklahoma State.

FUMMMMBLLLE- No we do not want Keith Jackson calling our games because he would love to say that word as an ISU running back dives into the end zone. I have never seen in my life so many fumbles going into the end zone and we've done it three straight games. Jason Harris looked good heading into that play. He just carried two times, each gaining 7 yards and had daylight heading into the end zone carrying the ball in his right arm and being struck from the left, it just came loose. Harris finished the day four carries for 19 yards and lots of pine after that fumble. It's good that the defense held their own forcing OSU to punt after that turnover.


NEXT MAN IN- If the Hawks used that last year with the injuries they had at running back why not the Cyclones. Enter David Brown, a 5-foot-9,  180 pound senior walkon that earned a scholarship this year because of his hard work. That hard work paid off Saturday as he came into the game and showed flashes of quickness and turning the corner ability that Harris was doing but with those fumbles now its Browns turn.


On Brown's second carry he had an excellent run of 18 yards, clearly the longest of the day for the Cyclones. On that drive with ISU up 17-10, Brown had a run of two yards that appeared he may be heading to the end zone but was tripped up by outside linebacker Paul Duren of OSU at the Cowboy 14.


David Brown finished the day rushing 15 times for 77 yards mostly in the fourth quarter when the Cyclones were grinding out the clock. (Word is that Stevie may see playing time next week with the tough Aggies in College Station.) If we could throw three running backs and bruising Ryan Kock at Texas A&M to wear the defense down, I'm all for it as long as it produces touchdowns.



Ok, I heard a caller on the post game with Chuck Reed ask this question and Chuck more or less shut him up for a bit. Everyone, it really seemed that we never threw on first down as once we had the lead the clock was our friend and the coaches wanted to grind it out but I went back into the drive play chat and tallied it up through three quarters and here it is.

Running plays- 13, Passing-8.

Now let's take it from there. Once the Cyclones had the lead on their next six possessions they ran it five times on first down and threw it three. That is not that bad and you really can't say we didn't mix it up. Again the main thing is what time in the game is it, are we up or down and by how much? If the Cyclones are down 10 with seven minutes left and run, sure we can ask the question, but if you're up 23-10 late in the third quarter or just into the fourth, the clock is most important. Yes, I to would love to see us hang 77-10 like Tech did against Nebraska last year but under McCarney we will never see that because it's all about ball control and clock management.


BLYTHE STEPS UP!- Todd was told by Coach Mac that he looks for a big game from him and Todd did make some great catches. He still has only one touchdown on the season after grabbing nine last year. In the third quarter it appeared that he did have one on third & six with the ball at the OSU 14, Meyer threw a forgotten fade pass to Blythe who appeared to come down with one foot in and he did have control of the ball but the referee said he was out of bounds; they did not review the play.


SPECIAL TEAMS- WOW, I thought RJ Sumrall and DeAndre Jackson we're going to take their punt and kickoff returns to the house! I have a feeling that it will happen when we need it most, maybe this next game. These two have great speed and RJ has the vision to do what we haven't seen since Todd Miller in 2002, and that's return a punt for a touchdown. The most returns for touchdowns was three from James "the Eel" McMillion back in 1992.


On kickoffs there is even a greater drought for a score and that was by none other than the "speedy" Troy Davis against Colorado in 1994 which was the longest return in Cyclone history of 99 yards.


If the Cyclones are to get back into any talk of winning the North, it will have to take "special" plays by these two gifted players to create and extra shot of energy for this team.


0-7! That is Iowa State's records against the Aggies. History has not been good for the Cyclones this year but getting beat against Baylor and Nebraska and not avenging the loss against Missouri. The time is now to erase history and start a new chapter in the Cyclone football media guide. The last time the Cyclones visited the loud Kyle Field was with Seneca Wallace in 2001 when they lost 24-21. The main reason, you guessed it four missed field goal attempts. The Aggies blocked two of them and Tony Yelk missed a couple more as the Cyclones outgained Texas A&M in total yards 445-322 behind Wallace's 30-46 passing for 348 yards. The Aggies will be tough but you think at some time steaks could be broken. Look at all of the streaks that McCarney has broken over the last few years. Let's hope this will be another.

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