Opposition Post Game - Mike Gundy

Notes and quotes from OSU head coach Mike Gundy.

After the Baylor loss a few weeks ago, there were no cameras in the room and about eight reporters. Oklahoma State was a different story as there were three cameras, determined reporters and a Coach that didn't have anything more to say than, "Turnovers all in a row just killed us. We didn't take care of the ball and were limited in field position in the second quarter and that was the game."


Gundy took many straight to the point questions about this team's lack of execution on offense and he said that "he's not frustrated with the players and their effort. It's easy for the other team to know what they want to do when their up by two scores in the second half."


Gundy thought that they moved the ball around fairly well but the interceptions were just costly. He was asked if starting quarterback Bobby Reid who has been out because of an injury was going to see playing time next week and Coach Gundy said that they are sticking with Al Pena until Bobby(Reid) is healthy at 100%. He was asked if it's a pain thing or an injury and Gundy replied, "It's an injury, Bobby's able to take some pain but this is clearly and injury."


The hot seat was on fire as Gundy was asked about the fade pass to D'Juan Woods in the third quarter when LaMarcus Hicks picked it off as the Cyclones were up 23-10 at that point. "I'd do it differently at that point because I think it was first down and we would like to have that one back."


Reporters for Oklahoma St were questioning the coaches' confidence in D'Juan Woods as they said he wasn't his older brother Rashon as one reporter said that "D'Juan just doesn't seem to make those plays that Rashon used to make, is this something that the coaching staff is aware of or is there something they see in practice?"


Now that reporter may as well just told Coach Gundy that he looks like a fish out of water but give Mike Gundy credit he sat there and answered right back saying that they can't give up on a player and just scrape the play book as Woods is making catches out there. (He ended up as the leading receiver for the game with 10 catches for 79 yards.)


Gundy summed it up best as he could, "If we eliminate turnovers we can move the ball. Their (ISU's) defense was keyed to stopping the run and we tried to spread the field which at times we were successful."


One player that the reporters and Gundy were high on was shifty running back Greg Gold who is a 5-foot-9 junior. He actually was listed at wide receiver but they use him as a specialist much like Tim Dwight was used at Iowa. He was the leading rusher for the Cowboys and they need more of his fire and determination if they are going to win a game in the conference this year.


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