Top 5 Defensive Prospects

I gave you my top five offensive prospects on Friday and now I'll deliver my top five defensive prospects. Keep in mind that these are the players that I think Iowa State has a very legit shot of getting and who I think could step up and play early in their careers at Iowa State.

1- Derrick Odom- LB- 6'2, 205, 4.5 40

To me the biggest weapon a defense can have is speed at outside linebacker and that is exactly what Derrick Odom would bring to the table. Odom is a pure athlete that flies to the ball. Odom has received offers from: Iowa State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, LSU and is also very interested in Alabama. With the departure of a ton of Iowa State defensive players, Odom could come right in and compete for a starting job next season.


2- Bailey Johnson- DE- 6'3, 240, 4.9 40

Johnson is another guy that could jump in and make an impact in probably his red shirt freshman year. He's got nice size and has some speed too and would be a great replacement for Shawn Moorehead in a few years. Johnson has received offers from Minnesota, Iowa State, and Ball State. He will be visiting Iowa State on December 16.


3- Sean McWhirter- DE- 6'4, 245, 4.7 40

Here's another defensive end that could jump in and play in a few years. With the combination of McWhirter and Johnson, and then slap David Founa at tackle, the Cyclones could be pretty tough up front. McWhirter has good size and speed and has had offers from Minnesota, Iowa State, and Northwestern. He's also shown a lot of interest in Michigan State.


4- David Founa- DT- 6'1, 244, 5.4 40

If the Cyclones could land this guy it would give a lot of beef to this class up front. Founa has stated that it's down to Iowa State and Tennessee as to where he'll be playing next fall. He plans on scheduling a visit to Iowa State within weeks.


5- Devin McDowell- DB- 5'10, 170, 4.4 40

McDowell, the younger brother of current Cyclone DeAndre Jackson, is a quick corner that could produce when it comes to special teams early in his career. Like I've always stressed McDowell has 4.4 speed and everybody likes speed. McDowell has stated that it's down to Iowa State and Oklahoma State. He will visit Iowa State on December 9.

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