Nick Frere Talks About His Brother

Nate Frere is a big 6-foot-3, 270 pound defensive tackle out of Muscatine, Iowa. Not to mention, he's also the younger brother of Iowa State linebacker Nick Frere. I had a chance to catch up with Nick and talk to him about his thoughts on his brother's future at Iowa State and their relationship.

CN: Did you think your little brother had what it takes to play at Iowa State?

Frere: Oh yeah definitely.  He's been playing varsity with me since I was a freshman. He can play.


CN: Did you give him much advice on the recruiting process? What about Iowa State?

Frere: Really I tried to stay out of it. My main goal was to make sure that he didn't go to Iowa. I didn't really tell him anything. He had been up here with me a lot of times and he got to know the coaches. He also came to camp here two years in a row.


CN: Was there a lot of competition between you when you were younger?

Frere: Yeah, a typical sibling rivalry. There's always been a little bit of that going on. Nothing huge though.


CN: Who would win in a fist fight between the Frere brothers?

Frere: Actually I don't think we would ever come close to that. If we did we'd probably just start laughing in the middle of it. But I'd probably win because I still have the quickness factor going for me.


CN: What do your parents think about now having two Cyclone sons?

Frere: They really like it because they know the coaches and the program. They know how well everybody has treated me here. Plus they're excited not to have to split up and watch games.


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