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Acceleration Iowa is todays featured business of the day. Acceleration Iowa is located in Urbandale, at 3000 Justin Drive Suite H; it is about 3 miles north of Valley West Mall.

First of all could you tell us a little bit about you and your business?


I am a former football player for the Cyclones, playing wide receiver from 1999-2003. After finishing school, I was eager to get into the business world. I wanted to start my own business, so I decided to stay in an area I know, sports. My business, Acceleration Iowa Sports Training was started with a friend of mine in 2004.


Acceleration Iowa is a franchise of the Frappier Acceleration Sports Training (FAST) program. I participated in this type of sports training while in high school. I drove over an hour and 15 minutes each way to Cedar Rapids to work on my speed, quickness, agility and explosiveness. I always thought that Des Moines should have a Frappier franchise, so I started it myself. I want to give the athletes of Des Moines the same opportunity I had while in high school. Without the training I received, I would not have played at Iowa State.



How long has it been in business?


Acceleration Iowa started in May 2004, so we have been in business for a year and a half.



Who is the owner and what is your role in the business?


I am the co-owner along with Geoff Jensen.



Where is the business located?


Acceleration Iowa is located in Urbandale, at 3000 Justin Drive Suite H. This is about 3 miles north of Valley West Mall.



How many employees do you have?


We have about 3-5 employees, depending on the time of year.



What services do you offer?


Our specialty is sports training. Sport training is for athletes in every sport, usually from about 10 years old on up. We work on improving speed, quickness, coordination, strength and jumping ability. These programs are scientifically researched and have trained over 200,000 athletes in over 150 facilities.


We also offer personal training, which is the more traditional weight lifting and total body fitness. Along with personal training we have massage therapy.



What are some of the things your business is most proud of?


First and foremost, we are proud to offer this program to the athletes in Des Moines. Every major market in Iowa had the FAST programs for 4-5 years before we brought it to Des Moines. I am the perfect testimonial that this program works and can help take your ability to the next level, so we are proud to bring this to the athletes of Central Iowa.


We are also proud that we have had at least six athletes earn college scholarships (including future Cyclone football player Patrick Neal), over 25 athletes named All-State, and as well as several other athletes winning major awards.



How long have you been associated with Iowa State athletics?


Both my business partner and I have been lifelong Cyclone fans. We have been attending Cyclone football games since we were very little. I was a member of the football team for five years (Geoff played college football at Truman State). Both of us continue to follow and support Cyclone athletics.



How many of your employees/children are Iowa State students/alumni?


We have had four employees who were Iowa State students while they worked for us at Acceleration Iowa. We work closely with the university to offer internships to students in the Exercise and Sport Science field.



Do you and your employees get together and tailgate before the games?


We have made several road trips as well as the tailgating at Jack Trice. My favorite game since I finished my career was definitely the Kansas State game last year. We made a trip down to Manhattan for the game and had a tailgate party. To be there to see the guys comeback like they did and beat K-State for the first time in Coach Mac's tenure that was a special trip.



What are some of your favorite Iowa State moments?


I have so many memories as both a fan and a player, but many of my best memories came as a child. I can remember the old football games like they were yesterday. My dad and I would make the hour trip to Ames for every home football game and many home basketball games. While we did not see very many football victories, those trips are still special to me.


I witnessed many great basketball games, especially with Fred Hoiberg against Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma State, etc. There were some great games in Hilton back in the early 90's.


I think my all time favorite period was when Coach Mac first got to Iowa State. There were so many changes going on with the football program, new facilities being built, and the new Cyclone logo. To me, those were exciting times. Like every Cyclone fan in the mid 90's, Troy Davis was my favorite player. Iowa State did not always win on Saturday, but Troy Davis would put on a show.  I will never forget the day Troy Davis ran for 378 yards against Missouri. Those memories will stay with me forever.



Is there anything else you would like to mention?


I am excited to be in Central Iowa and proud to offer the FAST program to the athletes in the area. We have worked with hundreds of athletes in the last year, including many Cyclone fans. We look forward to working with athletes in every sport and of all ages. Feel free to stop by for a tour, give me a call at 515-334-FAST, or check out our website at Go Cyclones!

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