Three Keys to an ISU Victory

CN staff writer Mark Hersom believes these things are crucial to Iowa State getting their first win over the Aggies.

Must win the turnover battle…Both the Cyclones and the Aggies have thrived off creating turnovers as the Cyclones have gotten 20 and Texas A&M 19. The Aggies this year have only committed 10 turnovers, five fumbles and five interceptions. More pressure needs to come from Brent Curvey, Nick Leaders, Jason Berryman and Shawn Moorehead if the Cyclones are to win the turnover stat.


Rise up and erase history…As Coach Mac has said earlier last week, this is a new season. We can't get those loses back and we need to move forward and create history by defeating the Aggies. It would be a marquee win for McCarney, a statement maker, a "what the" head scratcher for most college football fans. This team has what it takes to play on the road in a hostile environment as it showed poise against Nebraska which was one of the loudest stadiums I've been too, especially in that second overtime.


Can this team play mental and error free ball for four quarters? If they want to win, it has to be. Making gutsy calls on 4th down inside the five yard line will go along ways with the teams' morale and set the opposing side wondering what they need to do. Too many times in the past, the Aggies have blocked our kicks or returned fumbles for scores. The Cyclones need to return the favor with instant points off big plays.


Pass protectionBret Meyer can have a very big day if the offensive line can hold their ground. Texas A&M's defense is not that powerful but still has 17 sacks for the year. If Meyer is given time and with the increasing confidence in his receiving corps, the Cyclones could shred this defense which gave up 357 passing yards to the Wildcats last week. 408 yards per game is what this Aggie defense is allowing as a whole. Can't say it's been the Wrecking Crew as in the past. They haven't even played the Red Raiders or the Longhorns yet. I believe Austin Flynn will have an important game, maybe not catching touchdowns but moving the chains as RJ Sumrall and Todd Blythe will be getting doubled.

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