Iowa State in Vargas Top 3

Jose Vargas has listed Iowa State in his top three, along with UTEP and Missouri. Jose Vargas also said that Oklahoma State is showing a lot of interest in him.

Vargas, a 6-foot-2, 315 pound offensive lineman out of Sulphur Springs, TX has loved what he's seen with the Cyclones all year long.


"Iowa State is a really good team. I don't think people give them as much credit as they deserve," said Vargas.


Although Vargas hails out of the state of Texas, he didn't get a chance to attend the Cyclones game against Texas A&M last Saturday. Vargas was busy working with his father. His father owns a construction company and bakery in their hometown. He got to watch the first quarter, but that's it.


"I don't get much time to watch TV on Saturdays because I'm always working," said Vargas.


As of now, Vargas's high school team placed 2nd in their district play and will be participating in the playoffs. Vargas feels much better than he did last year on the field and he credits that to his off season workout program.


"I worked on my feet a lot over the summer and my weight training is pretty intense," said Vargas.


Though Vargas works a lot of the time, he still has his mind on other things, like the recruiting process.


I'm in the process of deciding. I'm really stuck on school work and football, and right after that I go to work everyday," said Vargas.


Jose plans on majoring in business or kinesiology when he gets to college.


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